“There is no active shooter [in Niceville], we’ve found the car and we know which direction he was headed. He ain’t here,” Chief David Popwell told Mid Bay News in a post press conference interview.

Investigators found the black car abandoned on Interstate 10. Law Enforcement is in the process of bringing the car back to Niceville for processing.

It is the latest piece of evidence stemming from the shooting that took place on Friday. The incident left two people dead and another wounded.

Only one victim, Brandon DeQuan James of Tallahassee, has been publicly identified.

All of the suspects and victims are in the same age group – their late teens to early twenties.

While they do not have a suspect in custody, they are chasing down two persons of interest, with the help of several law enforcement agencies, including the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Popwell says that at least four individuals were involved in Friday’s shooting. Of that group, Police believe three of them were from Tallahassee. The other person, who he could not identify, was from “the local area.”

The “local” victim has yet to be identified – the injuries that killed him disfigured his face and required investigators to pull fingerprints and other forms of identification.

“This wasn’t random; these people all were involved with each other,” Chief Popwell said.

This is the first fatal shooting in Niceville since 2014, Chief Popwell noted.