The First Judicial Circuit State Attorney, Ginger Madden, announced the indictment of a mother in the death of her child in 2002. 

According to the press release from the State Attorney’s Office, Mary Jean Liza was indicted on November 18th, 2022 in relation to the killing – which allegedly took place in Niceville. 

The State Attorney’s Office has charged her with first-degree felony murder, according to their press release. 

Liza, 38, has no other violent crimes charged to her name. The Okaloosa Clerk of Courts does have records of several civil cases for child support against her from the early oughts – as well as a couple of traffic violations. 

Okaloosa County Jail records indicate she was arrested two weeks later, on December 6th. She was released from jail on the 23rd. 

The State Attorney’s Office notes that the defendant is out on $10,000 bond in relation to the case – and is scheduled for a pre-trial conference on February 13, 2023. 

The State Attorney’s Office credits the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office with the investigation which led to the arrest of Liza. 

Assistant State Attorney Michelle Sandler will prosecute the case. She graduated from the John Marshall School of Law in Atlanta and was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2014. 

Mary Jean Liza is accused of killing her child in 2002.
Mary Jean Liza is accused of killing her child in 2002. The 20-year old case looks to go in front of the courts this year.

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