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Law Enforcement Raid Alleged Drug Den on College Cove (Again)

A combined task force that fights drugs in Okaloosa County netted several arrests on a recent raid.

Title: Niceville Man Charged with Drug Activity, Multiple Arrests Made in Narcotics Search

The Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office charged a Niceville-area man with operating a public nuisance structure for drug activity after an early-morning raid of a home on College Cove on March 27. 

The Okaloosa County Multi-Agency Drug Task Force led the raid, and executed a narcotics search warrant on the home. 

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The primary suspect, identified as 37-year-old Eddie Hudson, Jr., faces charges of operating a public nuisance structure and possession of drug equipment. 

During the investigation, a press release from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office says, Hudson reportedly confessed to engaging in the sale of narcotics and allowing individuals to use drugs on his premises.

Upon entering the property, law enforcement encountered a total of nine individuals, including three children. 

Among the adults present, 37-year-old Gabriel Johnson, 37-year-old Haley Yount, and 46-year-old Joshua Nelson were also charged with possession of drug equipment. Additionally, 28-year-old Parker Stewart faced charges of obstruction of law enforcement while they were executing the search warrant.

In a statement about the raid, The Okaloosa County Multi-Agency Drug Task Force, comprising the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Crestview Police Department, Fort Walton Beach Police Department, and Niceville Police Department, said they are “dedicated to combating the sale and distribution of illegal narcotics within local communities.”

The release from the Sheriff’s Office also expressed appreciation for the support and contributions of the Niceville Police Department in this case, highlighting the importance of partnership and coordinated action in addressing such criminal activities.

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