What Are The Impacts of Deer Moss Creek

Deer Moss Creek is a large subdivision just inside the eastern boundary of the City of Niceville – and looks to increase the population of Niceville by between 5,000 and 10,000 in the next decade. That would be between 33% and 66% growth for the city, once everything is complete in the neighborhood.

Local real estate broker John Sallman gives us an overview of the offerings the mega site will bring to the area.

a gazebo at sunset.
A photo of the Gazebo at Deer Moss Creek at the park in the heart of the development's first phase.

How Many Homes Have Been Sold in Deer Moss Creek?

In a picturesque setting, Deer Moss Creek is planned around the beautiful, natural environment. The neighborhoods are carefully developed around the creek, wetlands, and tributaries. 

As of about mid-October we have some updates provided by RPi, which are also readily available on their website.

In Phases 1 &1A, there are 116 lots, with only Lot 11 still waiting to see construction. Among these lots, one completed home is up for purchase, and a remarkable 114 out of 116 lots have already been occupied. 

In Turning our attention to Phase 2, there are 150 lots. Construction has begun on 34 homes, with 13 of them already presold. Two completed homes are ready for new owners, and 68 out of the 150 lots are now occupied. In Phase 7, there are 138 lots, and work is well underway, with 11 homes currently under construction. Exciting times lie ahead in Phase 11 as clearing work commenced on March 31, 2023, with infrastructure slated for completion by the end of May 2023.

a street with a park int he middle of it .
Deer Moss Creek from the Air.

Amenities Promised In Deer Moss

For the clubhouse and amenities, construction for the Hartfield clubhouse and pool area began in November 2022. The estimated construction time is 15-18 months, depending on material availability and weather. Following the clubhouse’s completion, plans include building a basketball half court and a children’s playground. Due to the forethought of the developers, the children’s playground will be completed last. This way our local children will not be playing around other developing areas where construction site and equipment will be keeping them as safe as possible.

Work on the section of Deer Moss Loop between the North Bridge and Town Center Blvd roundabout started in July 2023. This project is anticipated to take approximately one year to complete. Meanwhile, the North Bridge construction is set to kick off in November 2023 and should wrap up in around 10 months.

Businesses for Deer Moss Creek's Town Center in Niceville

Exciting developments are also underway in the Town Center and commercial area. With ongoing land planning and civil engineering, business owners interested in establishing themselves in Deer Moss Creek can contact Dora Cawood at 850-678-2223 or email dcawood@ruckelproperties.com for more information.

When Will Reclaimed Water Get Put In The Deer Moss Creek ?

For those intrigued by the Reclaimed Water project, in the Niceville portion, the City’s engineer had this to say. “The construction schedule is subject to both easement and funding acquisition. According to the current plan, the City will commence construction in mid to late 2024, and the project could be completed by mid to late 2025. The City is actively pursuing grants and legislative appropriations to help meet this timeline.” 

Reclaimed water is an excellent water source that helps enhance restoration, recharging groundwater, and can irrigate green spaces. It can help meet demands for water to maintain ponds, fountains, and water your yard.

Apartments in Deer Moss Creek

Clearing work began in March 2023 for The Enclave Apartments, a luxurious, gated apartment community. The first units are projected to be available in Summer 2024, and all construction should be completed by January 2025. The Enclave Apartments are not being developed by Ruckel Properties, Inc. A group specializing in the construction of luxury apartment complexes, Faver Gray, has a leadership role in their construction. 

The scenic pathway, Deer Moss Trail, is designated for pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorized activities. Golf carts are not permitted on the trail. 

Don’t forget: as Deer Moss Creek continues to grow rapidly, residents are asked to exercise caution around construction vehicles while walking or driving and respect construction site boundaries. 

The Deer Moss Creek Developer, RPi, is working hard to create an amazing community, and with that comes a lot of moving pieces. The above are all subject to change, and updates can be found on their website. The sales of the homes are listed by Ruckel Properties, but should buyers be working with their agent, RPi welcomes them with open arms. They ask that the agent accompany the buyers they are working with, or at least the buyer presents their real estate agent’s business card during viewings of the homes or model home.

Who is John Sallman?

John Sallman is the Broker/Owner of Salt and Light Realty and a regular contributor to Midbaynews.com. In addition to serving others as a realtor in the Niceville and Valparaiso areas, Sallman is a world class chef, with more than a decade of experience in the finest restaurants along the Emerald Coast. 

Sallman, a Niceville resident since childhood, has experience in all types of real estate transactions. His brokerage specializes in sales and property management. reach out to him today at John@saltandlightrealty.com. 


a man, smiling.
John Sallman, Broker at Salt and Light Realty

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