Charges Against Lovin Dropped

Update: According to the Okaloosa County Clerk of Court, the charges of Sexual Assault against Hunter Lovin have been dropped. 

The Valparaiso man accused of a sexual assault earlier this year entered a plea of not guilty in his case. 


Hunter James Lovin, 19, of Val-p is accused of having sex with a woman who was legally incapacitated. According to a Valparaiso Police Department affidavit, the woman told police she was too drunk to consent to sex with Lovin. 


Lovin was arrested in relation to the case in early June by the Valparaiso Police Department. He will be defended by local defense attorney Michael R. Gates, according to court records. 


The next step for this case is the pretrial conference, which will take place with presiding Judge John Brown on September 12th at 9am. 


Lovin faces up to 30 years in prison, 30 years of probation and up to $10,000 in fines, according to Florida State Statutes. 

Hunter Lovin Mugshot

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