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22 Niceville High Schoolers were inducted into the Niceville chapter of the Quill and Scroll Society. The Society highlights achievement in journalism.

Teens achieve honors from journalism society.

Niceville High School recently rekindled its commitment to journalistic excellence by reviving its chapter of the prestigious Quill and Scroll Society. The international honor society, which recognizes outstanding achievements in high school journalism, bestowed its charter upon Niceville High School in 1965. However, the chapter has remained inactive for many years. In a momentous event, the school held an induction ceremony to welcome 22 talented students into the society, marking a renewed dedication to scholastic journalism.

To earn recognition from Quill and Scroll, students must meet specific academic requirements and demonstrate involvement in student journalism. This includes participation in newspaper and yearbook staff, among other journalistic pursuits. The 22 newly inducted students showcased their commitment to the field and were celebrated for their achievements during the ceremony.

The induction ceremony, held recently at Niceville High School, was a significant milestone for the students and the school community as a whole. The event was captured in a memorable photograph, courtesy of Vivien James, which documented the proud moment when the students were formally inducted into the Quill and Scroll Society.

By revitalizing the Quill and Scroll chapter, Niceville High School is reaffirming its dedication to fostering journalistic talent and nurturing the next generation of communicators. The society provides a platform for students to be recognized for their hard work, dedication, and excellence in various aspects of scholastic journalism.

The revival of the Quill and Scroll Society at Niceville High School is a testament to the school’s commitment to providing valuable opportunities for student journalists to grow and flourish. As members of this esteemed society, these talented students will have access to resources, mentorship, and recognition that will further enhance their journalistic skills and encourage their passion for the craft.

The reinstated Quill and Scroll chapter at Niceville High School sets the stage for continued excellence in student journalism. It serves as a reminder of the importance of the press, the power of the written word, and the impact that student journalists can have within their school community and beyond.

Mid Bay News congratulates the 22 inductees and looks forward to their future accomplishments as they continue to pursue their passion for journalism and uphold the values of the Quill and Scroll Society.


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