Live look at us when we found out about the delay.

Hey, we’re just as surprised as you:

FDOT told us last month that they initially expected the construction project that is going to take most of 2022 would start on Wednesday, February 9th.

It’s important to note that FDOT, not the City of Niceville, is responsible for SR-20.

Last weekend, orange light-up road signs said the work would begin on Monday, February 7th.

The Latest, according to a report to the Niceville City Council from Johnathan Laird, is that the project start will be delayed a couple of weeks.

Laird told the council that the contractor on the project is waiting for the final go-ahead to start the project from the Florida Department of Transportation.

“I talked to Tim Kreuger, the head contractor with CW Roberts this morning, they are waiting on DOT for a notice to proceed. So, there is going to be a little bit of a delay on that, a couple of weeks,” Laird told the council.

The areas you can expect nighttime construction during 2022.

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