Update: signs along John Sims Parkway have updated the start of construction date. We can now expect construction to begin on Feb. 7th.

If you plan to commute on John Sims Parkway in the evenings during most of 2022, get ready for delays.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has informed the city it will begin work on a 285-day project milling and resurfacing John Sims Parkway starting February 9th between Edge Avenue (just to the west of where 285 meets SR-20) and the Rocky Bayou Bridge.

The construction will take place Sunday through Friday between nine in the evening and six in the morning until the project is completed.

In addition to resurfacing the road, the project will add sidewalks to the north and south end of the road where there currently are none. The crews will start on the north side and wrap up with the south side sidewalks.

Additionally, FDOT will be installing new lighting in the corridor as well, according to Project Manager Patrick Roark.

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