Brigadier General Jeff Geraghty, formerly of Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee, took over command of Eglin Air Force Base from Brigadier General Scott Cain at a change of command ceremony, June 30th. 


The ceremony included the presentation of the Legion of Merit Medal to General Cain for his efforts in command over the last three years. General Evan Dertein, Commander of the Air Force Test Center, presided over the ceremony. 

General Scott Cain's Goodbye

General Cain will take over command in Dayton, Ohio for his next assignment, a leadership position at Air Force Material Command. 


In his farewell speech, he asked two things of the airmen he is leaving in Florida: “Work like we are fighting for our way of life because we are. There are those in this world who believe in a different order who don’t cherish freedom – and your ability to live free, and we simply must win our strategic competition. And we will, but keep fighting every day,” General Cain said. “Unlock the full potential of everyone on this team,” Cain added, “only if we do this, can we most effectively compete. We have to start with the idea that everyone on this team is a valued individual and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This has to happen in our formations, it has to happen in the communities we live in. Keep pushing for this every day.”


Cain led the team at the 96th Test Wing during a turbulent time. The General faced issues stemming from the COVID-19 Pandemic and was tasked with navigating the unit and the community through the problems the disease created for the military and the community which surrounds and relies on it for about $3.7 billion in salaries, contracts and pensions. That’s about $1,750 per person in the county.


In addition to COVID-19 response, General Cain oversaw the implementation of the Eglin Diversity, Equity and Inclusion office. Eglin’s DEI office was one of the first stood up throughout the Air Force. 

Welcoming Jeff 'Jive' Geraghty

Incoming Commander Jeff Geraghty arrived at Eglin a couple of days before the ceremony to welcome him on board officially. Geraghty, promoted to brigadier general earlier this year, served as an F-15 combat pilot in Operation Northern Watch, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. 

Geraghty told those assembled that “to Team Eglin, it is an honor to return home to Eglin Air Force Base, 15 years after our first assignment here. This is a dream job and we have fond memories of working with you

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