Snapper Season Extended 17 Days

Florida’s State Government announced a significant extension to the 2023 recreational Gulf red snapper season, offering anglers 17 days of fishing opportunities.ย 

The expansion encompasses every Friday through Sunday in September, along with Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day. With this adjustment, the total red snapper season for 2023 now spans 87 days, marking the longest combined season since the state assumed management of red snapper.

Anglers utilizing private recreational vessels in both state and federal waters within the Gulf region and charter vessels without a federal reef fish permit confined to state waters will be eligible to participate in the extended Gulf red snapper season.

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“The Gulf red snapper season brings anglers from across the country to enjoy this recreational opportunity,” added FWC Executive Director Roger Young. He stressed that the 17-day extension offers enhanced access and experiences for those eager to explore Florida’s renowned fishing grounds.

The newly added fall season spans September, October, and November, encompassing every Friday to Sunday, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day. The updated fall season dates are as follows:

  • September 1โ€“4 (Labor Day Weekend)
  • September 8โ€“10
  • September 15โ€“17
  • September 22โ€“24
  • September 29โ€“October 1
  • October 6โ€“8
  • October 13โ€“15
  • October 20โ€“22
  • October 27โ€“29
  • November 3โ€“5
  • November 10โ€“12 (Veterans Day Weekend)
  • November 17โ€“19
  • November 23โ€“26 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Anglers seeking to fish for red snapper in state or federal waters using private recreational vessels, even if exempt from fishing license requirements, are encouraged to register as a State Reef Fish Angler with annual renewal atย

For further details on recreational snapper regulations, interested individuals are urged toย find more information here.ย The extension aims to provide a longer window for anglers to enjoy Florida’s rich fishing opportunities and promote the state’s reputation as a prime destination for fishing enthusiasts.

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