Painting, like diffusing explosives, takes a delicate touch. So, you could say that the brushstrokes Army EOD students left on the side of Sharing and Caring in Niceville were a training exercise.ย 

Soldiers from the detachment mustered at Sharing and Caring after battalion chaplain, Captain Charles Pridgen, Sr. heard the building needed an extra coat in the hot summer months.ย 

A total of nine soldiers from the training detachment helped to cover the building to the south of John Sims Parkway.ย 

โ€œ[They] are wonderful young men and they are doing a wonderful job with smiles on their faces,โ€ said Sharing and Caringโ€™s Second Vice President, Debra Wolfenden.ย 

Sharing and Caring is a Niceville and Fort Walton Beach-based charity that gives assistance to needy people and families. In 2022, the charity gave away 5,283 meals, financial assistance to 694 people, 138 thanksgiving meals, 168 Christmas meals, and school supplies for 121 students.ย 

The charity is listed as 97/100 on charity navigator, a website that rates the charity’s financial transparency and strength.ย 

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