In an episode of Mid-Bay News’ “The Interview,” host Christopher Saul sits down with Britney Westerfield Reed, the author of a delightful new children’s book titled “Larry the Tooth Fairy.” The conversation dives into Britney’s journey, her roots in Kentucky, and the unique path that led her to become a children’s book author. The candid discussion reveals the challenges and triumphs she faced, emphasizing the importance of embracing imperfections and staying true to oneself.

Britney's Background and Unexpected Career Path:

Britney opens up about her small-town Kentucky upbringing and her journey from the University of Kentucky to law school at NKU. A military spouse, she shares how the unpredictable nature of military life led her to pivot through various career roles. From teaching art to becoming a range control officer, she eventually found herself in the math department at Eglin, working on solving the Air Force’s data problems.

Discovering a Passion for Writing:

The conversation takes an interesting turn when Britney discusses her transition from law to more technical roles. She narrates her realization that her heart lay in helping people, leading her to a fulfilling career in the Air Force. However, it was the birth of her children that sparked her creativity. Britney shares the inspiration behind her book, revealing how a simple conversation with her son about the Tooth Fairy evolved into the creation of Larry, the unconventional Tooth Fairy character.

The Evolution of Larry and Overcoming Challenges:

Britney details the process of creating Larry, emphasizing the importance of staying true to the character’s messy and disheveled nature. She discusses the challenges of writing a children’s book, including the need for simplified language and effective metering for read-aloud experiences. Britney highlights the valuable feedback from a professional copy editor and her nephew Wyatt, both of whom played pivotal roles in refining the book.

Navigating the Self-Publishing Journey:

As a self-published author, Britney shares insights into the self-publishing process. She emphasizes the importance of perseverance, learning, and seeking professional guidance. The conversation touches upon formatting rules, the role of illustrations, and the challenges of standing out in a crowded children’s book market.

Empowering Messages in "Larry the Tooth Fairy":

Christopher and Britney explore the empowering messages embedded in “Larry the Tooth Fairy.” They discuss the central theme of embracing imperfections, illustrated through Larry’s character. Britney emphasizes the importance of teaching children to love and accept others, promoting a more inclusive and understanding society.

A Heartfelt Conclusion:

As the interview concludes, Britney reflects on the profound impact of publishing her first book. She shares the emotional experience of clicking “publish” and the sense of accomplishment that came with it. The conversation ends on a touching note, echoing the book’s core message: embracing uniqueness and encouraging everyone, including the ‘Larries’ of the world, to be themselves.

How to Connect:

For those interested in Britney’s book or learning more about her journey, “Larry the Tooth Fairy” is available on Amazon. Visit Britney’s author website at for additional insights and updates.

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