Edge Elementary To Welcome Summer Camp for Little Inventors. Here’s Where to Sign Up:

Explore hands-on STEM activities at Camp Invention's Illuminate Program, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills in elementary school students. Join this nationally recognized summer enrichment camp to ignite a passion for learning through innovation and real-world experiences

Edge Elementary School will host Camp Invention, a nationally recognized nonprofit summer enrichment camp program this Summer. 

Scheduled for the week of June 3, the camp promises to channel students’ curiosity and creativity in grades K-6 into hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities.

Camp Invention, in collaboration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, says it has a proven track record of challenging young minds to solve problems, fostering confidence, leadership, and resourcefulness, and inspiring entrepreneurship — all within a lively and engaging environment.

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This year’s program, named Illuminate, draws inspiration from the achievements of National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees. 

The creators of Camp Invention say they will encourage children’s confidence in their ideas and explore their innovativeness through a range of hands-on experiences, including:

1. Let’s Glow™: Campers dive into the science of light, exploring illuminating inventions and discovering the secrets of glowing animals.

2. Prototyping Studio™: Children take center stage as contestants on a game show where they mold, shape, and transform their ideas into incredible inventions.

3. In the Game™: Campers collaborate to create their own light-up game board, delving into the realms of athletics, design, business, and invention.

4. Operation: HydroDrop™: Participants embark on a global mission to address water challenges around the world, promoting awareness and problem-solving skills.

Local Camp Invention programs, including the one at Edge Elementary, are led by qualified educators residing and teaching in the community. 

The program, which serves 118,000 students annually and partners with over 2,200 schools and districts nationwide, aims to ignite a passion for learning while having fun.

Camp Invention, as the only nationally recognized summer program focused on creativity, innovation, and real-world problem-solving, strives to encourage students entering kindergarten through sixth grade to explore STEM curriculum inspired by some of the world’s greatest inventors. Since 1990, the National Inventors Hall of Fame’s education programs, including Camp Invention, have impacted more than 2.2 million children and 229,000 teachers and Leadership Interns.

For those eager to participate or learn more, registration details are available at invent.org/camp


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