The only municipal election on the ballot in the Mid-Bay area this go-round is the race for Valparaiso City Mayor.

The Mayor is able to vote on issues and serves as the leader of the council due to the city’s Commission-Style government structure.

The candidates up for election are incumbent Mayor Brent Smith and challenger Patrick W. Palmer.

Early Voting

Eligible voters (that’s Valparaiso city residents – you can check your eligibility here) can begin voting early on March 28th.

Early voting runs through March 4th. You can vote early at the Okaloosa Supervisor of Elections Shalimar office located at 1250 Eglin Parkway, Suite 103 in Shalimar.

Voting on Election Day

If you choose to vote on election day – you must vote at the precinct 15 polling place located at New Hope Baptist Church in Valparaiso. The church’s address is 108 Aurora St, Valparaiso, FL 32580