Potential for Earliest Freeze in a Generation in Northwest Florida Wednesday


According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) data, the earliest freeze since 1990 could be on the horizon for Northwest Florida. The area still remains under a red flag watch for wildfire conditions as well.ย 


Climatologists at the National Weather Service station in Mobile predict a freeze for everything north of, but not including, Niceville, Fort Walton Beach and Destin. Crestview will potentially see freezing temperatures.ย 


The weekly forecast for Niceville calls for a low of 35ยบ Wednesday night and a high of 73ยบ on Friday.ย 

As you can imagine, it stays warmer in Niceville than in most other places in the United States during the winter. But did you know that meteorologists have never recorded a temperature in Niceville below 0ยบ? In fact, according to Weather Underground, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Boggy Bayou was a balmy 6ยบ.ย 

Typically the average low temperature for Niceville in October is 62ยบ. The lowest monthly average low temperature doesn’t take place for another four months, when the mercury’s low average hits about 42ยบ in January.ย 

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