Eagles top Bulldogs in dominant performance at The Nest

Vibrant pink, orange, and violet hues painted the sky, and tension hung in the air as thousands of fans
flooded the stands of Eagle Stadium, ready to witness Niceville go head to head with their long-standing rival, the Crestview Bulldogs. However, this matchup differed from years past in that revenge was on the line
for the Eagles. Last year’s devastating loss to Crestview resulted in the Eagles getting booted out of the playoffs at home.

The first 9 minutes of the game were relatively uneventful, that is, until
Niceville recovered a fumble by Crestview, resulting in a touchdown for the Eagles by Maddax Fayard, followed by a successful point after by kicker Logan Marise.

With 7 points on the scoreboard, Niceville headed into the second quarter with explosive energy and an eagerness to score.

However, only a few minutes after the game clock reset, Crestview’s Lazarius Parks ran the ball for a touchdown, leaving the game tied at 7-7.

The Bulldog’s likelihood of a close game soon diminished, though, as DJ Robinson scored a touchdown for the Eagles, sparking an eruption of
confetti and cheers from the crowd.

Shortly after, another touchdown for Niceville by #7 Maddax Fayard and a successful point after adding seven more points to the scoreboard for the home team.

The first half of the game was wrapped up beautifully with a successful 21-yard field goal by Niceville’s #47 Logan Marise, leaving the Eagles with a 23-7 lead heading into halftime.

Crestview’s marching band, The Big Red Machine, opened the halftime show. By far the most prominent visiting band to take the field at Eagle Stadium this season, The Big Red Machine had an excellent performance.

As soon as The Big Red Machine ended their performance, the Eagle Pride graced the field, spanning from one end zone to another.

With everything down to each step taken performed in complete synchronization, the Eagle Pride put on a performance that could easily be confused for that of a marching band at the collegiate or professional level.

Shortly after the band cleared the field, the third quarter kicked off with the beats of the drumline echoing through the stadium as neon confetti and silly string blanketed the student section. Despite the
hype and school spirit brought about by the third-quarter tradition, Crestview’s Patrick Rodgers added six points to the board for the Bulldogs.

However, in true Niceville fashion, the Eagles bounced back with a
touchdown by Caden Bridgeman. Niceville finished off the third quarter with a beautiful touchdown by quarterback Kane LaFortune, cueing chants of “1-5” and explosions of confetti by the student

The Eagles headed into the game’s final quarter with a comfortable lead of 36-13 and the same energy they brought to the field when the game started—the fourth quarter got a final touchdown for Niceville by Maddax Fayard, causing the crowd to celebrate raucously.

As soon as the confetti settled, Crestview scored the night’s final touchdown for a score of 42-21.

Ultimately, the Bulldogs returned to Crestview with their tails tucked after their revenge was served on a maroon platter. The Eagles left the Nest victorious, ready to take on Pine Forest High
School at Eagle Stadium on October 6th.

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