Dr. G. Devin Stephenson Selected as Florida Polytechnic University’s Next President

The Florida Polytechnic University Board of Trustees has announced the selection of Dr. G. Devin Stephenson as the university's next president, highlighting his qualifications and the upcoming transition in leadership.

The Florida Polytechnic University Board of Trustees revealed the selection of Dr. G. Devin Stephenson as the institution’s next president. 

The decision, made following a vote during a public meeting on Monday, April 15, signifies a pivotal moment for the university’s future direction.

Stephenson, currently serving as the president of Northwest Florida State College, emerged as the chosen candidate after rigorous evaluations by the University’s Presidential Search Committee. 

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He is slated to assume the role of Florida Poly’s second president pending confirmation by the Board of Governors. Stephenson was among the five finalists who engaged in interviews with the Board of Trustees and participated in forums with students and employees during their recent campus visits.

Cliff Otto, Chair of the Board of Trustees, expressed pride in the successful conclusion of the presidential search process. He highlighted what he said were Stephenson’s outstanding qualifications, steadfast commitment to education, and forward-thinking leadership as critical factors in his selection. 

Stephenson brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having served in executive administration positions at community colleges in Alabama, Missouri, and Kentucky for over 15 years. He has been actively involved in accreditation processes, including serving on the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) Board of Trustees and chairing essential committees. Stephenson’s tenure at Northwest Florida State College saw significant growth in the Foundation’s assets, grant acquisitions, and legislative appropriations, reflecting his strategic leadership.

With a Ph.D. in higher education administration from the University of Alabama, Stephenson’s academic background complements his extensive practical experience. The next phase of the process involves negotiations between the University and Stephenson, culminating in approval by the Board of Governors, responsible for overseeing Florida’s public universities. 

The final decision on Stephenson’s appointment and contract is expected to occur during the Board’s meetings scheduled for May 8 or June 27.

Statement From Northwest Florida State College

Lori Kelley, the Chair of the Board for Northwest Florida State College – released the following statement on behalf of the college:

“The following is a statement from On behalf of the Board of Trustees at Northwest Florida State College, I extend congratulations to Dr. Devin Stephenson on his selection as the next President of Florida Polytechnic University. Dr. Stephenson’s visionary leadership during the past eight years has profoundly impacted our institution, ushering in an era of significant growth and achievement.

His dedication and strategic insight have not only enhanced our academic offerings but have also strengthened the College’s relationship with the greater Panhandle community, setting a high bar for institutional excellence.

We are grateful for Dr. Stephenson’s commitment and leadership, and we are excited to see him bring his transformative vision to Florida Polytechnic University. Details regarding the search process for his successor at Northwest Florida State College will be shared in due course from the Board of Trustees.

We look forward to continuing our mission of excellence and innovation in higher education, further preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s success.”

More About Florida Polytechnic University 

Florida Polytechnic University, renowned as a nationally ranked, four-year public institution solely dedicated to STEM education, is gearing up for a significant leadership transition as it prepares to bid farewell to its current president, Dr. Randy K. Avent, in July 2024. 

The school has continued to grow since it was founded in 2012, and serves as the states only all-STEM Public University. 

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