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Crime Continues To Fall In Niceville

Both felony and misdemeanor arrests continue to drop in Niceville – and calls for service to the police department continue their downward trend as well.ย 

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Niceville police received just 3,320 calls in July and made seven misdemeanor and seven felony arrests. The average for the city over the last two years has been about ten and a half misdemeanor arrests and about nine felony arrests.ย 

The Niceville Fire Deparmtent had 246 calls in July – and revived five people with Narcan. No incidents this month were fatal for drug users in Niceville. “we’ve been able to get to them and resuscitate them pretty quickly,”ย Fire Chief Tommy Mayvilleย told the Niceville City Council.ย 

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Police arrested two drivers on suspicion of DUI in July. The arrests occurred near the Wharf 850 on Bayshore and Palm Boulevard.ย 

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