Could You Be Niceville’s Next City Councilperson?

Could You Be Niceville’s Next City Councilperson?

Niceville is seeking a committed resident to join the City Council after the resignation of Councilman Abner Williams. Attend the workshop-style meeting on Jan 29 to be a part of the selection process. #CommunityEngagement #NicevilleLeadership

The City of Niceville will host a public meeting on January 29th at 6 PM to help city leaders decide on the next member of the City Council. 

The Council needs to fill a spot vacated by former Councilperson Abner Williams, who resigned on January 9th at the Niceville City Council meeting.  

The meeting will occur in the city council chambers in the city complex on Partin Drive. 

The newly appointed council member will serve until the next election in March 2027. Additionally, thanks to state law, they must comply with the annual Form 6 financial disclosure statutory requirements. This form requires you to list your accurate net worth and all of your assets, where you get all your income and debts. 

What Will Happen Next

It’s important to note that no selection will be finalized during this meeting, and all Niceville residents can attend.

How to Apply and Whom Can Apply To Be A Niceville City Councilperson

To be eligible for consideration, interested applicants must be residents of Niceville living within city limits. 

Those who wish to serve as a council member must submit a letter of intent and a resume to the Niceville City Clerk’s Office. 

Submissions can be mailed to the City Clerk at 208 Partin Drive North, Niceville, FL 32578, or via email to The deadline for receiving letters of intent and resumes is 4 PM on January 26, 2024.

Interested individuals can obtain further details by contacting the City Manager, David Deitch, at (850) 279-6436 ext. 1001.

“This opportunity to join the Niceville City Council presents a chance for a dedicated resident to actively contribute to the community’s development and well-being,” said a press release from the City of Niceville, “As the city comes together to navigate this transitional period, the involvement of its residents becomes paramount in shaping the future of Niceville.”

Christopher Saul

Christopher Saul

Christopher Saul is the publisher of Mid Bay News. He graduated from Southern Methodist University's School of Journalism with a Convergance Journalism Degree and a Master's Degree in Public Administration From Florida State.

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