Community Leaders Honored For Contributions at Niceville Council Meeting

Debbie Lewis and the Red Crosses' Mike Moran were honored with proclamations for their contributions to the Niceville Community.
a woman listens on as someone off the frame speaks about her
Debbie Lewis, a long time Niceville Realtor and philanthropist, listens to Mayor Daniel Henkel as he talks about her contributions to the Niceville community.

Niceville Mayor Daniel Henkel and the City Council honored resident and community servant Debbie Lewis for her contributions to residents over the years.ย 

Lewis, a local realtor and member of theย Emerald Coast Mustang Club, is also known as the Christmas Lady for her love of the season and dedication to decorating the city for the holiday.ย 

She started her displays for Christmas more than 30 years ago after she moved to the area. Eventually, the city allowed her to put a Christmas display on city property every year. “People came from all around the Emerald Coast and other places to see the wonder of her display,” Said Mayor Henkel.ย 

She has also organized and supported the Generations United Halloween Trunk or Treat event for over a decade and participates actively in theย Niceville Chamber of Commerce.ย 

The city gave her a small Christmas Tree filled with Ford Mustangs for her efforts. “Your community efforts have not gone unnoticed,” Henkel said to Lewis.ย 

“Thank you for remembering us; it’s a true honor,” Lewis told the crowd and council.ย 


two men and a woman pose for a photo with a piece of paper in between them.
Mayor Daniel Henkel (L) poses with representatives from the American Red Cross after reading a proclamation honoring the organization at the March meeting of the Niceville City Council.

Red Cross Also Honored at Council Meeting

Lewis was not only honored for community contributions at the Niceville’s Council meeting. Mayor Henkel read out a proclamation thanking the Okaloosa County Chapter of the American Red Cross for their efforts to prepare the community and help it recover from disasters.ย 

“I don’t know how many people have ever been impacted by the American Red Cross’s wonderful work. I was, and I can tell you that, as a result, good things happened,” said Mayor Henkel. Every year, when I get a chance, I make a donation to the American Red Cross.

Red Cross member Mike Moran was on hand to receive the city’s proclamation on behalf of the Red Cross.ย 


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