Okaloosa County’s Commissioners approved a more than $600,000 budget item – to keep the landscape looking nice in Bluewater Bay.

The contract has been awarded to Brightview Landscaping.

A total of $629,000 got allocated to the Bluewater Bay Municipal Services Benefit Unit (think of this as a unit that is more than just county services, less than what a city would provide and would cost somewhere in between the just living in the county and living in a city like Niceville or Valparaiso.) The contract is for three years and comes with two one year extensions.

The Bluewater Bay MSBU, which is operated under Okaloosa County oversight by elected residents of the Bluewater Bay Area collects extra taxes from people who live in Bluewater Bay. The MSBU then uses the collected money to pay for services like landscaping public places, additional sheriff’s deputies and other city-like services.

Brightview Landscaping is a company that serves 50 locations in the Southeast.

In the Okaloosa County agenda packet – the company laid out its 30 days after start of contract plan:

-Daily Operations Begin

-Irrigation map will be completed and reviewed with the property manager and board

-Begin to propose enhancement opportunities

-Review start up report

-ID poor performing plant material

-Seperation between plant material

-Removal of all exotics growing in hedges

-fertilization and pest control begin

-perform soil samples in troubled areas throughout

-Review production plan and make necessary changes

-Replace dead/unwanted plant materials

-enhancement map will be complete

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