Collegiate High School Maintains A Rating – Maintains Streak For More Than Two Decades

Collegiate High School Maintains A Rating – Maintains Streak For More Than Two Decades

Collegiate High School at Northwest Florida State College is making waves in education! They've just received an "A" rating from the Florida Department of Education for their outstanding student performance. This isn't a one-time win – they've been rocking that "A" since they opened their doors in 2000! 🏫🎉

 IThe Collegiate High School (CHS) at Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) has once again secured an “A” status based on student performance, as announced by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE). 

This outstanding achievement marks a continued legacy of excellence, with CHS maintaining its “A” rating since its establishment in 2000.

CHS stands tall as the top-ranking high school in Okaloosa and Walton Counties, showcasing prowess in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Graduation Rate, and College and Career Acceleration. In a notable feat, CHS has outperformed district, state, and national levels in 10th Grade PSAT Scores.

Dr. Devin Stephenson, President of Northwest Florida State College, expressed his pride in the school’s success, stating, “The success of Collegiate High School is a testament to the power of choice in education. We are incredibly proud to offer a learning environment that encourages personal growth, academic excellence, and prepares students for their future careers.”

Established in 2000, CHS has consistently ranked among the top high schools in Florida, distinguishing itself with innovative programs and a commitment to academic excellence. The school’s approach includes a small school atmosphere with individualized programs, personal attention, free academic tutoring, and skilled instruction by college faculty with doctorates or advanced degrees. Moreover, students benefit from free college tuition and textbooks, further enhancing their educational 


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Dr. Sandy Arteaga, Dean of College Pathways and Principal of Collegiate High School, emphasized the school’s commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment. For those seeking more information about the Collegiate High School at Northwest Florida State College, visit or contact Dr. Sandy Arteaga at 850-729-4949 or

CHS at NWFSC has not only demonstrated a proven track record of academic and student success but has also garnered parent satisfaction and received accolades from state and national education officials. The school’s achievements underscore the transformative impact of providing students with diverse and innovative educational choices.

In conclusion, the continued “A” rating from the FDOE reaffirms Collegiate High School’s commitment to academic excellence and its dedication to preparing students for future success in both their academic and professional pursuits.

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Staff Reports

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