Collegiate High School Debaters Move On To Next Round After Dominant Performance

Collegiate High School Debaters Move On To Next Round After Dominant Performance

Over the weekend, students from Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Washington counties participated in Incubate Debate’s regional competition, passionately debating topics like Daylight Saving Time and the atomic bomb decision. Top students are now set to represent the Panhandle at the National Championship in Jacksonville, FL.

Collegiate High School Students dominated the competition in an incubate debate tournament hosted in Crestview over the weekend. The competition, the third of the year, saw collegiate debaters take almost half of the slots available to compete at the regional levels of debate in April in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Students debated Daylight Saving Time, the International Monetary Fund, and the historical decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan.

The competition drew attention not only for the depth of the discussions but also for the distinguished panel of evaluators. Members of the US Army and Navy, professors from Northwest Florida State College, Pensacola State College, and Gulf Coast State College, judges from Florida’s First Judicial Circuit, and elected officials from Crestview, Valparaiso, Niceville, and Mary Esther took on the responsibility of evaluating the students’ arguments.

 “Saturday’s debate was a showcase of what it means to care about a topic,” said Incubate Debate’s Madison Rabens, “I haven’t seen as much passion or heart put into a debate as I did Saturday. These students are not only incredibly intelligent but incredibly invested in this country and their community.”

National Championships

In total, 12 students got the news they would move on to Incubate Debate’s next round of debates. They are: 

Collegiate High School

  • Jonathan Watters
  • Kaylynn Sirney
  • Genesis Jimenez-Chavez
  • Eliora Miller
  • Nyeli Reyes

Fort Walton Beach High School

  • William Kiker
  • Alliyah Knochenmus
  • Christian Bailey

Pensacola High School

  • Tristan Martinez
  • Maverick Marley

Pensacola State College Charter Academy

  • Riley Perantoni


  • Larken Hayek

These accomplished students are set to compete with the top Incubate debaters from across Florida and South Carolina on April 5th-6th in Jacksonville, FL. A pool of $15,000 worth of scholarships will be up for grabs, adding an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming national competition.

For those inspired by the event and interested in participating in Incubate Debate’s summer activities or next school year’s tournaments, detailed information can be found at The organization encourages both students and schools to explore the opportunities for intellectual growth and community involvement that Incubate Debate has to offer.

Staff Reports

Staff Reports

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