The Okaloosa County School Board unanimously approved the nomination of Becca Childress to be the next Assistant Principal at Niceville High School. Several dozen members of the Niceville High School community came to show their support for the newly appointed assistant principal.

Childress has taught math at Niceville High since 2001. She most recently served as the chair of the math department of the high school. According to the most recent Department of Education Data, for 2021, Niceville High School placed 17 out of 488 high schools in the state of Florida for Mathematics Acheivement.

“I’m excited to continue working at Niceville High School with one of the best facilities and administrative staff in the state,” Childress said upon her appointment to the position. Dr. Diane Kelley, the representative to the school board from the Niceville Area, made the motion to name her assistant principal. Board member Dr. Lamar White seconded the motion.

Childress was named the 2022 teacher of the year at Niceville High School. She serves outside of the classroom as an assistant JV Volleyball coach for the Niceville Eagles.

Childress is a Niceville native who graduated from Plew Elementary, Ruckel Middle School and Niceville High School. She graduated from Florida State University with a degree in math education. She earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of West Florida.

Childress has two college-aged daughters. Her husband works for the Air Force.

“I promise to work hard and continue the traditions of excellence we have at Niceville High School – Go Eagles,” Childress said.

Niceville’s Highly-Rated Mathematics Department

The Florida Department of Education (DOE) has rated Niceville High School an ‘A’ school every year since 2009. Niceville High School has only not attained an A rating one time since Assistant Principal Childress started at the school as a teacher in 2001.

In the most recent assessment of Niceville High School students – NHS students scored a 76 out of a possible 100 points in the mathematics achievement category – according to the DOE. For reference – no other high school in Okaloosa County had more than 57 points in the same category.

For reference – this is the formula used to determine those scores:

Mathematics Achievement (100 points)

Denominator – The following students are included in the denominator:

  • Students with a valid test score who test on or above their enrolled grade level on the FSA/FSAA Mathematics grade level assessment, and who are enrolled as of the first day of the statewide testing window and not enrolled in a mathematics EOC course (i.e., Algebra 1 and Geometry).
  • If a student takes an FSA Mathematics assessment and an FSAA Mathematics assessment, then the FSA Mathematics assessment is the assessment used for inclusion in the denominator.
  • Students enrolled in a mathematics FSA/FSAA EOC course during the prior-year Survey 4 or the current-year Survey 1, 2, or 3, who took the corresponding EOC assessment during the prior-year Summer administration or the current-year Fall, Winter, or Spring administrations.
  • Students who take a mathematics FSA/FSAA EOC assessment during the Spring administration must be enrolled in the school as of the first day of FSA/FSAA EOC Spring testing.
  • Students enrolled in a mathematics FSA EOC course who take a mathematics FSAA EOC will not be included.
  • Students enrolled in a mathematics FSAA EOC course who take the corresponding FSA EOC are included.
  • Students with a valid test score for more than one (1) mathematics FSA/FSAA EOC assessment are counted only once in the denominator.

2020-21 Guide to Calculating School Grades and District Grades

Numerator – The following students are included in the numerator:

  • Students who scored a Level 3 or above on the FSA/FSAA Mathematics or FSA/FSAA EOC mathematics assessment that corresponds with the criteria for student inclusion in the denominator.
  • If a student scores a Level 3 or above on multiple mathematics FSA/FSAA EOCassessments during a school grades school year, then the student is included once in the numerator.

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