Changes Coming to Eglin Visitor Protocol May 1. Details:

Changes to how you will be able to get on base as a visitor begin the week of May 1. Here's what you need to know if you are sponsoring someone - or are a guest on base.

In a move aimed at streamlining visitor access and enhancing security measures, Eglin Air Force Base will open its new visitor control center at the Air Force Armament Museum on May 1. 


The opening also brings new hours for the visitor control center. The facility will open daily at 6 AM and close at 10 PM. 


The 96th Security Forces Squadron wil begin to support a range of options that will change the process for sponsors and their guests to obtain visitor passes.


The new visitor control center, physically located on the Air Force Armament Museum campus outside the wire of Eglin Air Force Base proper, will offer sponsors two options for acquiring passes: physical pick-up at the center or a virtual request system. 


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Through specialized web platforms, the virtual option will allow sponsors to request and monitor the status of various types of passes, including temporary visitor passes, one-year visitor passes, and entry authorization lists (EAL).


Sponsors must provide their Department of Defense (DoD) credentials and visitors’ personal information, including social security numbers, to facilitate background checks. Eglin’s leadership said in a press release that they believe this will help them attain the required level of security for base operations.


Requesters must submit pass requests at least five days in advance to allow for processing time.


The virtual system will enable sponsors to receive email notifications regarding changes in pass status, with the ability to check status through the app manually. Additionally, the system facilitates submitting one-year pass requests and entry authorization lists (EAL) for sponsors with 10 or more visitors.


To comply with security protocols, foreign national visitors must request passes via email. Emails requesting base access for foreign nationals need to be sent to

Links for the sites you may need to use to get someone access to Eglin Air Force Base

Eglin Virtual VCC PowerApp for Department of Defense networks.

Eglin VCC Base Visitor Request System for non-DoD networks and non-CAC users.

Eglin Virtual VCC App Link Request


More About Air Force Security Forces

Air and Space Forces Magazine reports the security forces career field has the most personnel in the Air Force of any specialty. More than 38,000 airmen around the world serve in security forces roles. 


The article, written in 2023, also mentions a white paper that advocates for giving installation commanders more latitude in making decisions like these, arguing that giving that authority to commanders improves the quality of life for airmen in security forces. 

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