Catholic School in Niceville? One Group Aims to Make It Happen ASAP!

In Brief:

  • Meeting on June 9 at 3rd Planet Brewery to discuss the future of Catholic K-12 education in Niceville and surrounding areas.
  • Topics include updates from local pastors, vision and scope for the initiative, involvement opportunities, and an open Q&A.
  • All interested families and community members are invited to attend and participate in shaping this educational effort.

Want your kids in an independent Catholic School in Niceville? Jeff Witt does. The father of four who lives in Niceville says he wants a Catholic option for his kids and other Catholic parents in the area. “It just felt like there were a lot of families with many children who were underserved from a Catholic education standpoint,” Witt said.

In a bid to bring Catholic K-12 education to the Niceville and greater Choctawhatchee Bay area, Witt and local Catholics will hold a community meeting on Sunday, June 9 at 1 PM at 3rd Planet Brewery in Niceville. The event aims to chart a course for establishing Catholic education that will serve families from Crestview to Destin and Fort Walton Beach to Santa Rosa Beach.

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“This is a this is a very doable thing, but it’s gonna require parents to get involved and take initiative. And we can’t just expect the diocese to come in and, you know, bequeath us a Catholic school, we’re probably going to have to be the ones leading the effort,” Witt said in an interview with Mid Bay News, “That’s not to say I don’t think the diocese can’t get involved. But the initiative is going to have to start at the grassroots parent lead level.” Witt added that he hopes to see parents and people without school aged children at the meeting to provided support and counsel for the project.

According to a communication sent out to Catholic parents in the area, The meeting will focus on several key topics:

  1. Updates from Local Pastors: Insights gathered from recent discussions with local clergy will be shared.
  2. Vision and Scope: A comprehensive discussion on the envisioned path forward for Catholic education in the area.
  3. Community Involvement: Opportunities for attendees to take on leadership roles or contribute to the effort.
  4. Regular Meetings: Establishing a consistent schedule for ongoing discussions and planning.
  5. Open Q&A: Address questions and gather further input from the community.

The organizers emphasize the importance of widespread community participation, encouraging parents of prospective students and interested parish members to attend.

The initiative seeks to harness the collective support of multiple parishes, aiming to build a robust educational framework that reflects the values and needs of the Catholic community in the region. “We believe a broad base of parishes can and should be involved,” Witt said in an email.

Witt encourages those unable to attend the meeting to contact Witt to ensure they are included in future communications and planning sessions.

Meeting Details:

  • What: Meeting to discuss bringing Catholic education to Niceville and the greater Choctawhatchee Bay area
  • When: Sunday, June 9, 1 PM
  • Where: 3rd Planet Brewery, 1400 E John Sims Pkwy, Niceville, FL 32578
  • Who: All interested parents, supporters, and members of parishes and communities from Crestview to Destin and Fort Walton Beach to Santa Rosa Beach
  • Point of Contact: Jeff Witt (Christ Our Redeemer parishioner), 850-585-9258,

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