A Note From Mid Bay News

Mid Bay News asked all Okaloosa County Commission and School Board Commission candidates to submit more information about themselves ahead of this Summer’s primary election. 

All candidates were asked the two questions below:

  1. Why should voters choose me for the office I am running for?
  2. What will success look like at the end of my term in office – what specific goals will I aim to accomplish?

Mid Bay News did not edit, alter or otherwise change the responses received from the candidates. 

This Submission is from Okaloosa County Commission Candidate for District 2, CareySue Beasley. 

Niceville, Valparaiso, Bluewater Bay and Eglin Air Force Base Residents who are registered to vote regardless of party affiliation can vote in this election. This is a universal primary.

Okaloosa County Seal
Seal of Okaloosa County, Florida

CareySue Beasley Candidate Statement

In response to our questions, candidate CareySue Beasley responded:
I’m CareySue Beasley and I’m asking for your support, and more importantly, your vote on August 23rd in the Okaloosa County Commissioner District 2 race.
I truly believe, if we stand together today, we will have a better tomorrow.  It is not just about “unity”, it is about leadership that doesn’t put their own self-interests first, but YOURS, and those citizens in our County.
Knowing what is important to people, is knowing where they spend their time and money.  I have put $70,000 of my own money into my $75,000 campaign (the other $5000 is proud family and friends). I hope that conveys 2 very important things about me:  1) I believe strongly in my neighbors and my abilities to help our amazing County move forward.  And 2) I do NOT work for anyone but YOU. Yes, that’s right. NO endorsements and no contributions by ANY special interests.  I encourage everyone to check the LONG path of ANY politician’s financial support.
Problem-solving and solutions are my strongest skills.  After spending two rewarding decades working as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the nursing field and healthcare, and now as a multiple successful small business owner, I deal in solutions daily.  We welcome visitors and guests to the local attractions and beaches with our boutique vacation rental management company and airport shuttle.  And to the delight and smiles of all, we share tasty treats lovingly created by Okaloosa Donuts.
The leadership of the Board of County Commissioners needs to focus on: 1) managing all the new growth – critical and PLANNED infrastructure.  2) Public Safety.  3) Aggressive and viable solutions for the traffic issues.  4) ACHIEVABLE housing, not only affordable housing.  Law Enforcement can NOT afford to live here. Teachers can NOT afford to live here. Hospitality workers can NOT afford to live here…. And on and on….
We ALL know the issues. I believe FRESH voices and FRESH ideas (read: term limits) is where the solutions are.  Please visit with me to learn more about my ideas for ALL these areas!  I invite you to my website: www.CareySue2022.com or hit me up on Social Media, OR my preference, meet me for a cup of coffee~ CareySue
Okaloosa County District 2 Commissioner Candidate CareySue Beasley

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