Boggy Update: The News That Eclipsed the Pun

On this week's edition of Boggy Update - we talk about, sure, the eclipse - but we also cover local election results, a drug raid in Niceville and more.


In this episode of the Boggy Update, Christopher Saul and Paul Schoberg discuss various local news topics. They talk about the conviction of the Happy Face Killer, the recognition of Niceville area schools as schools of excellence, changes to base access rules, the testing of autonomous F-16s at Eglin Air Force Base, a recent drug raid in Valparaiso, the success of the Northwest Florida State College Lady Raiders basketball team, and the ongoing debate about allowing chickens in Valparaiso. They also mention the recent house fire in Villa Tasso and the dangerous nature of State Route 285.


  • The Happy Face Killer, a serial murderer, has been convicted of multiple murders in the Northwest Florida area.
  • Several Niceville area schools have been named schools of excellence, recognizing their high performance.
  • Changes to base access rules require everyone entering the base to be identified, increasing security measures.
  • Eglin Air Force Base is testing autonomous F-16s, which could have various applications in the future.
  • A recent drug raid in Valparaiso highlights the ongoing issue of drug-related crimes in the area.
  • The Northwest Florida State College Lady Raiders basketball team had a successful season, reaching the national championship game.
  • The debate about allowing chickens in Valparaiso continues, with a non-binding referendum narrowly passing.
  • A recent house fire in Villa Tasso resulted in the loss of a pet but no human lives.
  • State Route 285 is considered a dangerous road due to its narrow lanes and frequent accidents.


00:00 | Introduction and Overview
01:12 | Conviction of the Happy Face Killer
06:55 | Changes to Base Access Rules
07:57 | Testing of Autonomous F-16s at Eglin Air Force Base
12:11 | Recent Drug Raid in Valparaiso
13:09 | Success of the Lady Raiders Basketball Team
16:24 | Debate about Allowing Chickens in Valparaiso
22:59 | Dangerous Nature of State Route 285

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