Boggy Update April 23, 2024

Paul and Christopher talk about the Local News for the Mid Bay area this week so you know what's up.

Christopher Saul (00:00.)
Guten Morgen, everybody. It’s good to see y ‘all. It’s good to be seen. And it’s good to be with Paul Sjoberg. Paul Sjoberg how are you doing today on this Boggy Update Day?

Paul S. (00:12.787)
I’m doing fairly well. It should be good and talk, man, not good and worry. But that’s okay. People could be watching this whenever.

Christopher Saul (00:20.238)
Alphuiderson. Did I? No? Okay, sorry. I was trying to speak. I mean, it just feels like a beautiful Bavarian spring morning as we’re recording this, even though it’s the afternoon and it’s in America. No, it’s what I do. But yeah, it’s been a beautiful day. And I’ve been excited and energized by that and ready to discuss.

Paul S. (00:22.291)
Auf Deutsch! Adios, mi amigo!

Paul S. (00:34.643)
Right, you’re lying to everybody.

Christopher Saul (00:45.326)
all of the news we have today, including a big story that I was able to write up and release for this morning about the Community Redevelopment Agency. And before you fall asleep, the Community Redevelopment Agency is really important because they’re trying to build a nice little fun downtown in downtown Niceville, kind of in the area in front of the front porch or yeah, and Blue Collar Cafe kind of area. It’s not the blue front porch anymore. But you know what I mean?

Christopher Saul (01:12.526)
And it’s an exciting deal because I think it could really make some changes and we’re going to discuss whether or not those are a good idea, which I think they are. But Paul, you’ve had a chance to read over all this stuff and talk about the Community Redevelopment Agency and see them in action. What are your thoughts on putting one and finishing it up? $12 million project right there in the heart of what would be downtown Niceville over there off of Bayshore Drive on the west side of town.

Paul S. (01:39.923)
Yeah, super familiar with that area. I’ve done a lot of research on real estate along Bayshore. So yeah, I took a look at the CRA, kind of the original plan way back in the day, and then they sort of revitalized it. And they’re starting to put more than just pen to paper. So it’s kind of exciting. I’m not sure about the $12 million number. I feel like that might be a little low, but maybe it’ll go in stages. But I know a lot of the landowners in New York.

Paul S. (02:08.723)
there are really excited. They want to see what it’s going to become. And there’s actually more vacant land down there than you would think. But I think some of the landowners are just curious on how the city is going to implement things and what it’s going to look like before they start making their own investments. But obviously, I think it’s a great idea. I think any opportunity for the city of Niceville to find additional areas to gather and celebrate community is a good idea.

Paul S. (02:38.259)
So I think it’s awesome.

Christopher Saul (02:40.334)
I think it’s awesome because of the third space concept and there goes my camera again trying to pick up my microphone. Go away. There it goes. But the third space concept, right? Being able to go somewhere that’s a public place that everybody is welcome and invited that’s not your work or your house for building of, you know, the social bonds I think is really cool. And I think it’s really important, especially kind of in a post COVID era where we are kind of poking our heads back out of our shells collectively.

Paul S. (02:47.603)
Quit moving.

Christopher Saul (03:08.302)
I’m hopeful to see something like this. I know Third Planet does a great job of this. Bayou Brewing is another good example of a place where there’s good third place energy for people to meet and come up with ideas and get to know one another and become part of a really strong community. The other thing, this is more of a pipe dream for me, but I would love to see a tourist ferry service in between like downtown Valparaiso and downtown Niceville is kind of like a kitschy.

Christopher Saul (03:37.998)
uh, thing to do. Uh, I know the tourism development department has a lot of money to throw at zany ideas, uh, because I’ve seen them do it in the past and I would love to capture some of that and bring it over here. Thoughts on that?

Paul S. (03:53.747)
That’s an interesting idea, one that I hadn’t really thought of. I think maybe it might be cool to do something from Fred Gannon all the way over to somewhere by the war for Amokosmonia. I think that could work. Just something fun for families to do, especially those folks who don’t have access to the water for whatever reason. They don’t have boats or don’t want to do paddle boards or those type of things. I think that could be something fun and you could just run it during the season.

Paul S. (04:22.131)
Yeah, it’d be interesting to see if that worked.

Christopher Saul (04:25.806)
Right on. Well, as we’re going from city to county, we’re talking a little bit about Mel Ponder, Commissioner Mel Ponder, District 5. So he represents the East half of Niceville and all of Destin has announced that he will not run again for County Commission. That means that the seat is pretty much opened up and already one person has announced Drew Palmer. He’s of Destin and is a has already got the endorsement. I think he had like an endorsement from Matt Gates within the hour.

Christopher Saul (04:55.726)
of the announcement. It was lightning fast, which shows that the Gates political machine. That’s kind of where I was is that the Gates political machine is very fast acting and is very much still alive in very local Ocaloosa County politics. So for everybody that may have been here or gotten here in the last five years, the Gates family of course, Matt Gates, Congress person, Don Gates, former Senate president and Senate representative for our area.

Paul S. (04:55.955)
Oh, that’s pretty good.

Paul S. (04:59.411)
It was like he knew it was coming.

Christopher Saul (05:25.55)
Um, have a lot of allies and friends here in this area. Uh, and so, uh, at Gates endorsement still means a lot here in this area. And I’m, I’m not so certain anybody’s going to challenge, uh, Mr. Palmer with a Gates endorsement, but I also love a good competition and I also love something to cover. So, uh, I guess I have a vested interest in someone running against Mr. Palmer just to see what happens and give me something to write about.

Paul S. (05:52.723)
Little known fact, I went to school with Matt Gates as he went to Nice Hill High School, even though I think he lived out on 38 or somewhere else with his family. Let’s talk about the real heartbreaker in this whole thing is Mel Ponder leaving a highly visible and important position for the county. I love Mel. I’ve had an opportunity to spend some time with him. Him and his wife Mona are fantastic people. I know they’re not leaving the area or anything like that, so they’ll still be.

Paul S. (06:21.107)
available, but he did a great job in that role. The other thing I really like about Mel is like he always mentions Mona. Have you noticed that? It’s always like my wife and I, and I think that’s really cool because they definitely embraced that position together. And so I’m excited to see what else Mel’s going to do. Maybe he’s just, I guess he’s the, he’s in charge of the real estate association.

Christopher Saul (06:46.19)
Yeah, so he is the the president or the director of the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors. And I’ll just add to that, you know, as a guy that worked for him briefly for about a year, I think, is that right? That sounds about right. No, less than that. Not the point. Mel’s a really great leader in the sense that he is always so excited to elevate other people. And I think a lot of people are attracted to him, especially high performers.

Christopher Saul (07:15.214)
Because they go over there and they feel like they matter and He is that is his gift. He makes people know that they matter to him So Mel if you’re watching this one man, like you you rock and thank you for not only You know serving in the role that you serve in or served in as a county commissioner But serving in the role that like God made you to be which is an encourager. So big ups to Mel hate to see you not not novice, but

Paul S. (07:25.171)
Yeah, absolutely.

Paul S. (07:39.411)
Amen to that.

Christopher Saul (07:45.55)
you’re gonna do great no matter what you do so it doesn’t really matter.

Christopher Saul (07:50.702)
So we are getting a little bit closer to seeing some reclaimed water purple pipes over here on the east side of Niceville, which I’m really excited about. It’s been a long time coming. They’ve been promised for years and years over in the Deer Moss Creek area, but going has been slow because they have to get 47 different permits from 47 different people, including, you know, the Eglin range, the property office in San Antonio. Niceville’s got to get on board. The county had to get on board, but.

Christopher Saul (08:20.942)
They’re one step closer, which is really exciting because that means that water rates will come down substantially, especially on the east side of town. And if you don’t live in the Deer Moss Creek section, this is still a win for everybody that’s along that northern corridor of college. Um, is you drop down that line east to west on college. You can make it also go north and south for a much reduced rate. Uh, you don’t have to dig, uh, quite as many trenches as it were. And it means.

Christopher Saul (08:49.038)
less expensive water for everybody and reusable water. David Dyche had a coffee with the city manager about three months ago and he talked about the water scarcity that we have in this area and it’s starting to get significant and he’s making plans to ensure reduction of water use and reclaim water is a big piece of that.

Paul S. (09:10.643)
Well, this is not a sexy topic, but it’s definitely one that’s important for infrastructure. It’s important. No, sorry. Maybe we have like 30 seconds left on this one if we just move on to the next one or something. I know how important it is, the infrastructure. I know how important it is to everyone on the east side of the city. And of course, with the growth of Deer Moss Creek over the next however long it takes to

Christopher Saul (09:14.222)
Sir, how dare you.

Paul S. (09:37.747)
super important that we have all that stuff lined up and doing what it’s supposed to do. So if we want more housing we have to have more stuff like this.

Christopher Saul (09:48.75)
More sexy water pipes. That’s just, it’s how it’s going to be. Paul, you have to understand water pipes. Awesome. Okay. So there anyway.

Paul S. (09:50.355)

Paul S. (09:56.723)
Well, let’s talk about how Florida Poly is stealing our president. Let’s talk about

Christopher Saul (10:02.286)
Yeah, I’m not thrilled about this. Well, I’m thrilled for Dr. Stevenson, which it’s a it’s a great move. It’s a good move. But the man has basically made Northwest Florida State College like low key a powerhouse and more ways than one brought in the airframe and power plant school. That was a big deal. A lot of reforms around workforce education came our way because of Dr. Stevenson, a lot of state money.

Paul S. (10:06.323)
Well, it’s good for him.

Paul S. (10:19.155)

Christopher Saul (10:31.15)
came from the state legislature and other points closer to Tallahassee over here for the nursing program is a great example. They got $20 million from the BP oil spill compensation fund to build a new nursing school. And a lot of that had to do with Dr. Stevenson. So I guess I shouldn’t be like, oh, he’s leaving. I should be like, you know, he was so amazing that he got promoted up. But while we had him, he did so much here. So again,

Christopher Saul (11:00.494)
Me giving big props to somebody that’s leaving a post. Dr. Stevenson, you rock.

Paul S. (11:05.331)
Yeah, he, uh, he was amazing. Um, I think he’s going to do great, uh, at Florida Poly. I think he’s only going to be their second president. And so he’ll, he’ll have an opportunity to put his fingerprints all over that university, just like he did here at Northwest, uh, Florida State College. Uh, he’ll surely be missed and just like Mel, like just monster shoes to fill. So it’s going to be interesting to see who they pick, uh, to fill his shoes. Cause he definitely did a lot for.

Paul S. (11:34.898)
for us and for the area over the last eight years. But also something I like to share when I know it, but like he plays a mean piano too. He’s a pretty good musician. Yeah, absolutely. I’ve heard him play and sing before. So pretty cool.

Christopher Saul (11:45.87)

Christopher Saul (11:48.462)
I could see that. Well, I know it’s not buy sell time yet, but I am definitely buying stock in Florida Polly, not just because of Dr. Stevenson, but I’m working on this theory and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. So, you you had your like your West Florida, your North Florida, your FIUs, your USFs, the all the schools that are not, you know, like the the Florida UF, you know, big brand colleges, right?

Paul S. (12:12.499)

Christopher Saul (12:16.078)
I think that Florida Poly is the next big brand of Florida College because they’re going to want to pull from all parts of the state. Right. If you want to be a STEM major, I think at some point in the great beyond of the future, we’re going to see people say, well, if you want to be a electrical engineer, the best school to do that is Florida Poly. And I think they have huge upsides.

Christopher Saul (12:43.886)
And I like the idea of grouping schools by academic field, right? So the STEM schools together or like new college being a liberal arts school. I think that’s a great concept. I think it’s a winning concept. And I hope to see that play out more in the future. So best of luck to Dr. Stevenson as he makes my dreams come true.

Paul S. (12:49.875)

Paul S. (13:03.475)
Yeah, absolutely.

Christopher Saul (13:10.766)
Perfect. And then after that, one story I wrote this morning, Monday morning, the Royal Australian Air Force and the Canadian Royal Air Force, I have stood up a new fighter squadron, which I’d say is jolly good. Very exciting. Righto, good show, bean. Anyway. All right, well, it’s too bad. Ta -tat. Cheerio, God save the Queen.

Paul S. (13:25.523)
I was waiting for that.

Paul S. (13:29.619)
Not even gonna try.

Christopher Saul (13:40.878)
This is, I think it’s really cool because I mean, it solidifies the relationship that we have with those partner countries. I think we have squadrons overseas and to give them that kind of the unity that comes with a patch. I know that sounds really silly, but to move it from some sort of like directive, a piece of a piece of something to making it its own thing here in the United States, I think gives those people unit pride, but also gives

Christopher Saul (14:09.518)
us the locals a little bit of pride of having partner forces here that are training with us on stuff as advanced as the F -35.

Paul S. (14:15.699)
Yeah, it’s great that the, you know, I love like my friend, my kids have had friends that are from Australia and the different countries and the five ice countries that are here at Eglindo. I think it gives the local community a little more flavor and a little more diversity. So that’s really cool. The part that was missing from your story, unless I missed it, was how many, how many people are coming? How many are

Christopher Saul (14:44.142)
I do not have a hard answer on that. Eglin did not put out a hard number. My guess is if it’s a fighter squadron, I mean, that’s several hundred people. I would think between the maintainers and the actual pilots and the administrative staff and the guy that’s doing payroll. And then, you you have to have like the Yorkie minders. I’m sure they’re bringing Yorkies, right? Like that’s a thing that they do.

Paul S. (15:07.731)
I don’t know. But I’m just saying we’re going to need more houses for them to rent.

Christopher Saul (15:14.51)
And a bagpipe, I would think they would have a bagpipe player. They’re, I’m just saying the, the, the answer is more dense housing. That that’s what I’ll say it is, which is great way to bring us into our big topic. Community redevelopment agency is kind of ancillary to, I guess, the increased density of housing, but your thoughts on the community redevelopment agency model.

Paul S. (15:17.619)
They can just fly that person over.

Christopher Saul (15:44.59)
that we’re seeing here in Florida and a lot of places in Florida. Florida Beach has one, Destin, Crestview, Niceville has one. And we’ve seen some mixed results, but ultimately, I would say somewhat positive as we’ve tried to redevelop these downtown areas into something that people actually want to be around.

Paul S. (16:01.779)
Yeah, I’m bullish on all of this. I know when a government is trying to do something, there are lots and lots of challenges. And in general, personal and commercial entities tend to reinvest and get things done faster. But this is something that the city needs to do. And I think it’s great because it gives just yet another place. We have our churches, we have Third Planet, we have the baseball fields.

Paul S. (16:31.059)
We have all these little local communities, the pickleball courts and all these places that people gather. And I think it’s great to have more. The more the better. Get kids out of the house, get people out of the house and get to experience our beautiful area. And I know there’s going to be a lot of probably ups and downs with the CRA, especially if they’re setting rules that some people won’t like. I read the column and some of the comments about.

Paul S. (16:59.859)
not being able to fish potentially off the piers and stuff like that. And some people aren’t gonna like that. But I think we need to try to make it address as many people as possible. And I hope that the commercial entities will come in and support it as well.

Christopher Saul (17:19.534)
think that the what you said about like the fishing, for example, is a great point because fishing is a good good fishing is not a bad thing. Swimming is not a bad thing. But the hard part about being in government or an elected office, I from where I sit, is that these people have to make a decision that benefits the most people knowing that some people are going to lose out, right. And we have plenty of places where people already swim, right, and plenty places where people already fish, but we don’t have.

Christopher Saul (17:47.854)
a really solid wedding venue or a really solid downtown that can be accessed by multiple transportation mobiles, transport, what do I call that? Transport. Boats, kayaks, mopeds, bicycles, cars, all the stuff. And so I, for one, think that it’s a great idea that there won’t be…

Paul S. (17:57.747)
to get around.

Christopher Saul (18:13.07)
fishing and swimming in that area because it allows for something that we don’t have right now, uh, which is a downtown shopping area, as well as a place for boats to come in and park and, you know, occupants to hop off and buy a bunch of stuff, uh, that’s locally made or locally sourced. Um, and then I think it just makes a more well -rounded community. And also I want a water taxi, um, which I’ve already said in this, uh, podcast. So.

Paul S. (18:41.651)
How long, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. How long do you think it’s gonna take?

Christopher Saul (18:41.902)
Uh, I’m, I’m pro that anyway, coming up this. Yep. Uh, the CRA.

Paul S. (18:46.963)
Yeah, I wanted to this myself.

Christopher Saul (18:53.838)
Man, like 10 years, huh? I mean, it’s gotta be a long -term plan. It’s gotta be something that’s gonna take, like, what I would think of as a 31 -year -old is a crazy amount of time, because it’s a third of my life. But I don’t think that’s necessarily such a bad thing. I think that, you know, measure twice and cut once. You don’t wanna mess this thing up and then waste a bunch of money, especially if it’s grant money from the state that…

Paul S. (18:54.291)

Christopher Saul (19:20.814)
we need to see a return on otherwise there’s probably gonna be like a clawback provision or something like that where the state wants its money back and we don’t have it. So I’d much rather it take a little bit longer and we get it right than go full steam ahead and break stuff that can’t be fixed.

Paul S. (19:33.971)
That’s fair.

Paul S. (19:38.963)
I think it’s going to take a while. I think seven to 10 years is probably realistic to get it exactly the way folks want it. I hope they take it in a staged approach. And if they do, I think that could be winning. I mean, you could, you can put the cobblestone in down there and close it down on weekends and do the, you know, different fairs and activities and food fests and everything you want to do down there. That wouldn’t take $12 million and that wouldn’t take additional buildings.

Christopher Saul (19:39.246)
What do you think?

Paul S. (20:06.099)
So I hope they take a phased approach That’s sort of the same mantra that you and I always talk about with that strong towns book, right? Make a make a small investment. Let’s see if the community supports it and then build upon that I think it’s a solid and winning strategy. So I hope they kind go down that type of path

Christopher Saul (20:29.326)
Perfect. And moving on to what’s coming up this week. Just so you guys know, the Northwest Florida Heritage Museum’s 48th annual Saturday in the Park is going to take place this Saturday free. It’s got food and craft vendors, a car show, kids craft, a bake sale, live music. And if you want to see me suffer, you can get there at 8 a .m. for a 5K. It’s taking place from 10 to 4 this Saturday, which is the 20th.

Christopher Saul (20:58.414)
26? 26? That sounds right. 26 or 27. I should really know this before I start talking. Anyway, the other thing that you’ll want to know is that it’s… See, it is in the one in Valparaiso. It’s Lincoln Park. So it’ll be over there by where the… Or excuse me, it’s not Lincoln Park. It’s the one in the town square. Which name? Yes, it’s like by the Heritage Museum.

Paul S. (21:03.251)
Which park is it in? This is why I’m here. You need a co -host. Which park is it in?

Paul S. (21:11.827)
Okay, awesome.

Paul S. (21:18.835)
over by the Heritage Museum.

Paul S. (21:22.995)
So if people sleep on the Heritage Museum, you should definitely take your kids there. There’s like a lot of interesting things and the people who run it are like the nicest people.

Christopher Saul (21:29.902)

Paul S. (21:34.835)

Christopher Saul (21:35.918)
And they know everything. So the coolest part about that museum is the stuff that they’re not showing. And I don’t mean that as like they need to take new stuff out. It’s literally like boxes and boxes and boxes of documents about the past. And I think that if I had unlimited time, I’d be writing a book on the history of I don’t think we cover it very well.

Paul S. (21:45.715)

Christopher Saul (22:01.582)
in terms of the stuff happening before like 1937 when the Air Force Base was founded. Everything after that, like we know, you know, it’s every general that’s been there and everything that’s been tested and well, I guess all the stuff that’s releasable. But the stuff before the advent of Eglin Air Force Base, I would say we have a lot of opportunities to learn and it’s all boxed back there. And I hope to live to be 120 so I can…

Paul S. (22:05.427)

Paul S. (22:29.523)
There you go. Now it’s definitely worth going to see it with your family and if going to the park on Saturday for their festivals, a good way to get you heading in that direction, especially with all the free stuff. So, bullish on it. Let’s do it.

Christopher Saul (22:31.598)
Finish it all. Read it all.

Christopher Saul (22:49.646)
Everybody loves Free. Other thing happening this week as we record this, it’s Monday, but as you receive it, it’s Tuesday. And that means tonight there is a showing of Chicago at the Maddie Kelly Arts Center. Go ahead and check that out. They always have really great shows there. And hey, support in the arts is pretty cool too. At that’s what the cool kids tell me. And I believe them.

Paul S. (23:09.171)
Yep, Annie Kelly is starting to get some really good productions. People should definitely continue to support it. And I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never seen Chicago. I mean, I’m probably not going to make it Tuesday night, but maybe I need to step up my cultural game a bit.

Paul S. (23:27.603)
Oh, good for you.

Christopher Saul (23:27.982)
My guy, I have not seen Chicago either and I am going with my wife as a date night. Yeah, man. So, yeah, I want to say I planned it, but like I kind of planned it, sorta. Like I planned like half of it. And so I’m taking credit for a very generous half. It’s kind like when, you you have a kid that wants to share something with another kid and they give them like actually a third. That’s the half I did. So thanks, Abby, for.

Paul S. (23:38.707)

Christopher Saul (23:57.934)
actually planning this and letting me say that I planned it. I don’t deserve that. Or you. Anyway, buying and selling with Paul and Saul. This week’s buy and sell, I believe goes to you first, Mr. Sjoberg.

Paul S. (24:10.259)
Okay, good. I’m prepared. So it’s all good. I am selling the fact that we’re losing Mel Ponder and Dr. Stevens. I think I just I’m so bummed that they’re leaving their positions. Excited for both of them. Definitely excited to see what they both do professionally after this. But like I said before, big, big shoes to fill. So I’m selling the fact that we’re losing those guys because they’re just amazing. Buying. I’m buying the CRA.

Paul S. (24:39.443)
Because I want to see it happen and I want to see another opportunity in a communal space And maybe I’ll maybe this is where I put in the teaser Christopher. So I have actually invested in a piece of property Here in niceville along with my good friend Steve shut from moving mortgage Yeah, so if you guys head over to Facebook check out central parton par tin

Christopher Saul (25:01.966)
It’s too short.

Paul S. (25:05.587)
You’ll start to see us leak out some information over time about what we’re doing. But it’s in alignment with what’s going on at the CRA. It’s in alignment with what has been done at Third Planet. I think it’s just going to give us another opportunity as a community to get together and have a good time. So Central Department, check it out.

Christopher Saul (25:30.83)
And that’s a good segue for my buy, which is the newest Strong Towns book. So Strong Towns, if you’ve been listening to us, you jab her on for a while, you’ll know that Strong Towns is kind of like the local government New Testament, as it were. It is, I mean, it’s essentially it’s basically the roadmap for how to rebuild a town that costs the government less money to operate.

Paul S. (25:44.051)
That’s a good way to say it.

Christopher Saul (25:58.766)
provides more revenue and makes for a good third place for people to be a part of a community where they love each other and help each other and get together on a regular basis and meet new people in their community. Strong Towns is coming up with a new book and basically it’s an add -on as it were. They also did another one about infrastructure, road infrastructure. So anything by Charles Marrone, I am there for and…

Christopher Saul (26:28.334)
I kind of low key want to visit Brainerd, Minnesota this summer when I take my annual pilgrimage to Duluth. Yeah. Look, people have been like, oh, but then you can come and see the hockey. Okay, bud. And I’m like, no, not okay, bud. All right. Cold, bud. But Brainerd, Minnesota, check it out. And then selling. I’m selling heat.

Paul S. (26:28.435)
Spring or summer. Spring or summer. Do not go in the winter.

Paul S. (26:39.571)

Christopher Saul (26:56.366)
I don’t like that it’s getting like it was cool this morning, Monday morning, but I know it’s the last one and that just makes me so sad because I know August cometh and I am. But yeah, and but I will say this, I’m also selling being lazy. I have decided to work out regularly. It is miserable after a 10 year hiatus and I do regret that 10 year hiatus. Don’t do that.

Paul S. (27:02.451)
Yeah, our tans will get better.

Paul S. (27:21.075)
We’ll just end the show that way. Don’t do…

Christopher Saul (27:25.582)
Just don’t. You’d be like, hey, can I just sit around and eat candy and do nothing for 10 years? You could, you could. And then your knees are gonna start to hurt and then you’ll be like me. So don’t do that. That’s all we got for today, guys. We will be back next Tuesday with another episode of the Boggy Update with ya boys, Christopher Saul and Paul Schoenberg. It was always.

Paul S. (27:32.915)

Paul S. (27:36.435)

Paul S. (27:39.347)
right on.

Paul S. (27:52.435)
I don’t know. I don’t know. My turn now. Be nice, nice Will. See you next week.

Christopher Saul (27:53.006)
Good to see you. As always, it is good to see you. Why is it hard for me to speak today? I don’t know. We do it. We can.

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