Boat Catches Fire, Sinks in Joe’s Bayou

Christopher Saul

Christopher Saul

Mid Bay News

The Coast Guard Station Mobile Logo. Coast Guard Station Destin Reports to a command structure based in Mobile, Alabama. 

A 28-foot Regal Center Console boat caught fire and sunk in Joe’s Bayou, on the northern tip of Destin, just east of Crab Island, Sunday morning, April 30th.

Four adults and two children were on board. According to Coast Guard Station Mobile Ensign Lowen Hobbs, no one was injured.

Hobbs, a public affairs officer who works with the media, noted that a good Samaritan vessel responded to the sinking boat before a Coast Guard unit or the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit was able to respond. The good Samaritan rescued the boaters and transferred them to the care of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit.


“The Central Command Center issued an urgent marine information broadcast and [Coast Guard] Station Destin responded,” Hobbs said. “The Sheriff’s [Office] escorted the persons on board to Joe’s Bayou boat ramp. There were no medical concerns. The vessel was considered completely submerged with the bow only six inches under the water.”

The Coast Guard suspects an engine fire was to blame for the vessel’s sinking.

According to the Coast Guard, the area of Joe’s Bayou is still navigable.


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