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Blunt Disregard for the Rules: Wisconsin Man Arrested at VPS for Allegedly Smoking Marijuana At Baggage Terminal

A Wisconsin man faces five years for the sticky-icky.

A 22-year-old Wisconsin man ran afoul of Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputies after they say he sparked up a “Marijuana Cigar” while at the baggage terminal.ย 

Deputies responded to a ‘suspicious person’ call and said they noticed Jaden Michael Spatz near the baggage terminal by an airport employee.ย 

With airport cameras, the deputies could confirm the person smoking was Spatz. They approached him and asked to search his belongings – which they say he consented to.ย 

Inside Spatz’s backpack, deputies say they found two canisters with a wax substance and a vial of an unknown substance. Deputies detained him and searched his person as well. During the search, law enforcement officers found a small plastic bag with suspected marijuana and a marijuana cigarette. Both tested positive for the presence of THC.ย 

Deputies charged Spatz with a third-degree felony. Spatzย could face up to five years in a Florida prison if convicted.ย About 2,300 people in Florida were arrested for marijuana possession in 2023,ย according to NORML.ย 

Spatz, who is currently in the Okaloosa County Jail and has to make a $5,000 bond, will be represented by Public Defender Thomas Anthony Koch.ย ย 

At that point, Spatz was arrested. According to NORML,ย the recreational marijuana use advocacy group, that sticky-icky-icky is also illegal for recreational use in the state of Wisconsin. However, possessing small amounts of marijuana for personal use is a misdemeanor.ย 


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