The Witches Ride of Bluewater Bay will board their wheeled brooms and ride for a good cause on Friday, October 28, 2022. 


The ride will start at Toast Wine Bar in Bluewater Bay and pedal through the community. The Witches will make a stop at Bluewater Elementary before they head to their final destination – 3rd Planet Brewing for a brew, a dance party, raffle and silent auction. 


After the advent of COVID-19, the Witches of South Walton ride split off into six groups, one of which is the Witches of Bluewater Bay.

Witches of South Walton 2022 Logo
The Witches of Bluewater Bay Witch Ride 2022 Logo

Riding for Charity

The Witches Ride of Bluewater Bay raises money for the Children’s Volunteer Health Network (CVHN), which is a Santa Rosa Beach-based charity. Currently, the charity is not scored by Charity Navigator. 


The Children’s Volunteer Health Network helps children in Okaloosa and Walton County with preventative dental care and travels to more than 10 schools in the area to serve more than 1,000 kids every year. 


According to their site, the founders of the charity started CHVN in 2005 to “Improve the health and well-being of children in Walton and Okaloosa Counties.” The group wants to help children hurdle the barriers that are set in front of economically disadvantaged children to lead healthy lives. 


All students enrolled at Walton and Okaloosa County Schools are eligible for services from CHVN. The organization has given away more than 75,000 dental procedures worth $6 million so far. 


They currently have two mobile dental clinic units and a mental wellness service.

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