Bluewater United Foundation to highlight non-profits, MSBU.

The Bluewater United Foundation (BUF) is extending an open invitation to all residents of Bluewater Bay (BWB) for a Town Hall event on May 23 aimed at fostering dialogue and collaboration within the community. This event provides an opportunity for residents to engage with various non-profit organizations and the BWB Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU) Communications Director, enabling them to ask questions, offer suggestions, and learn about upcoming changes in BWB.

The Town Hall aims to facilitate open discussions and encourage residents to actively participate in supporting and improving Bluewater Bay. Attendees can gain insights into ongoing initiatives, voice their concerns, and contribute to the collective efforts aimed at enhancing their community.

The event will feature a BWB Social where residents can socialize and discuss community efforts on a personal level while enjoying complimentary beer and wine. This informal gathering seeks to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among neighbors.

Guest speakers from various organizations will also be present to share valuable insights on important topics relevant to BWB. The speakers and their respective areas of focus include:

  • Preserve Bluewater Bay: Discussing the Future of the Golf Course
  • Friends of Bluewater Bay: Addressing Parks and Traffic Control
  • Bluewater United Foundation: Exploring Stormwater Management and Responsible Development within BWB
  • Choctawhatchee Bay Alliance and Estuary Programs: Promoting Bay Conservation
  • Bluewater Bay Municipal Services Benefit Unit: Present and Future Services in Bluewater Bay

These speakers aim to provide information and engage attendees in meaningful discussions regarding community development and environmental preservation.

The Bluewater Bay Town Hall is scheduled for Tuesday, May 23, 2023, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM at the Bluewater Bay Clubhouse located at 2000 Bluewater Blvd. Residents are encouraged to mark their calendars and attend this event to actively participate in shaping the future of their community.

The Town Hall serves as an inclusive platform for residents to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the growth and well-being of Bluewater Bay. By attending, residents can play an active role in the community’s development and make a positive impact on its future.


💙: Bluewater United Foundation

🏘️: Town Hall

🗓️: May 23


📍: Bluewater Bay Clubhouse, 2000 Bluewater Boulevard

🔦: Highlight local charities, initiatives. 

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