This Is How Many Arrests Niceville PD Made This Month

Chief David Popwell gave the Niceville City Council an update on the crime stats for the month of August at the September 13th council meeting. 


The city’s number of arrests continues to drop month by month as the year progresses. A total of 16 arrests, 11 misdemeanors and 5 felonies, were made for the month of August. 


Additionally, the chief noted that three DUI arrests were made in August. One person told police they purchased their alcohol at Publix, another said they were drinking at a friend’s house and a third person was arrested on the Rocky Bayou Bridge and charged with possession of Fentanyl in addition to their DUI charge. 


In total, the Niceville Police Department answered a total of 3,270 calls for service, a lower-than-average number for a month long period. 


A total of 50 traffic crashes took place in the city, creating about $277,000 worth of mayhem. Police also issued 106 traffic citations and 153 traffic warnings during the month.

NICEVILLE police chief david popwell portrait
Niceville Police Chief David Popwell

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