The Air Force launched a new initiative they’ve dubbed ‘Rent the Camo,’ that allows for the issuance of free maternity uniforms for pregnant airmen. 

Currently, its available at 10 bases nationwide. (you can find out if you are eligible at the link below.)

The program has gone through a couple of updates since the program was announced earlier this year, including:

• The U.S. Army will maintain a stock of operational camouflage pattern maternity uniforms for the program, as the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Space Force and U.S. Army wear the same OCP uniform. According to a release on Eglin Air Force Base’s website,  The 10 bases selected for the pilot program are near Army installations with a Central Issue Facility and can capitalize on the Army’s Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment Direct Ordering system.

• By the end of the seventh month post-partum, the member will return the issued uniforms.

• Members may be liable for lost or damaged uniforms if it is beyond normal wear and tear.

• If an enlisted member has received a maternity clothing allowance in the past three years, they are not eligible to participate in the program.

• Eligible enlisted members participating in the program will still receive a partial maternity clothing allowance.

• Members should reference the welcome packet for detailed information on how to participate in the program at their specific location.

More information about the pilot program and the welcome packet can be found here.

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