Martayvius Sorey and Jevontae McPherson are in the Okaloosa County Jail without bond on drug trafficking charges.

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Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested two men and charged them with Felony Drug Trafficking after an incident on Juniper Avenue. 

Jevantae McPherson (or ‘Richhomie’ McPherson, according to Court Documents) of Crestview and Martayvius Sorey of Fort Walton Beach were arrested on Juniper Lane in Niceville after officers from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and Niceville Police Department say they found trafficking amounts of Oxycodone in and around the car the defendants occupied. 

On November 19, a concerned resident in the Juniper Avenue area called 911 to report suspicious activity. Niceville PD and Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputies showed up on the scene. 702 Juniper is within the city limits but has unincorporated county land next to it. 

Deputies showed up after a Niceville Police Officer arrived and began speaking with McPherson and Sorey while they sat in a white Honda Accord. 

A sheriff’s deputy reported he noticed the smell of marijuana from the vehicle and read the two men their rights. Both said there was no marijuana in the car, and they did not have valid medical marijuana cards. 

McPherson stepped out of the car – and was told to sit back in the car. That’s when he allegedly tried to run for it. McPherson made it to the Kumquat and 18th Street area before law enforcement could stop him. According to law enforcement, a fanny pack found with him after the quarter-mile chase contained:

  • A Kel-Tec 9mm pistol with a round chambered 
  • A Smith and Wesson, chambered
  • Four grams of a tan powder that tested positive for Fentanyl
  • 23 grams of marijuana that tested positive for marijuana

Once law enforcement got McPherson back to the original scene, they searched the car both men were found in. Both men said there was no marijuana in the vehicle, and they did not have valid medical marijuana cards. 

Officer-initiated probable cause found:

  • A black ski mask 
  • A teal electric food grinder with white residue (believed to be Oxycodone, as it field-tested positive) behind the passenger seat on the floorboard. 
  • One bottle of suspected ‘cut’ labeled lactose found in the center console
  • A white pill marked ‘M367,’ which officers suspect was hydrocodone
  • Two suspected marijuana blunts
  • A ‘designer marijuana bag’ 

While they were on the scene – law enforcement reviewed a video from a homeowner, which showed Mcpherson walking into the woods south of the vehicle. 

A narcotics k-9 was deployed, and a crown royal bag was found with 

  • A gram of a white powdery substance that field tested positive for Oxycodone
  • A gram of a yellow, crystallized substance that also tested positive for Oxycodone.
  • 22 grams of a white, crystallized substance which tested positive for Oxycodone

The narcotics were found 20 feet off the driver’s side of the defendant’s vehicle. The drugs in the bag tested the same as the residue in the grinder found in the car. 

After being read their rights, both initially denied that the suspected drugs were there. Eventually, McPherson told law enforcement the drugs were Sorey’s. 

According to the affidavit, Sorey then told law enforcement that ‘there was no way both occupants of the vehicle did not know what was going on.”

Both men were taken to the Okaloosa County Jail in Crestview. Court Documents say that the pair will first appear on March 11, 2024. In the meantime, Richhomie and his alleged accomplice are being held without bond in the Okaloosa County Jail. 

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