A Day For the Arts, And Your Niceville Family Activies!

Two area art entities come together on July 30, when Artful Things in Niceville and Stage Crafters Community Theatre of Fort Walton Beach present A Day for the Arts.

This 2 to 5 p.m. event serves as a fundraiser for the Stage Crafters venue location; at the same time, the day offers a variety of family friendly activities for people who enjoy arts, crafts and something a little different before school activities take over.

“We all are influenced by the arts more than we realize,” said Alanna Grayce Campbell, A Day for the Arts co-chair. She serves as the Artful Things events lead and is a multi-media artist.

Ren Colbert works along with Campbell, acting as liaison to Stage Crafters, a thespian organization that has performed plays and musicals to local audiences for 50 years.

Stage Crafters President Pamela Strecker said that Colbert took this idea to Artful Things owner Share Norville, who in turn gave Colbert and Campbell the go-ahead.

Strecker said that she is overwhelmed with the outreach and support Stage Crafters has received from other artists and the community.

“We built the building in 1982,” Strecker said. “The funds go toward purchase of the land, which is owned by the city.

“We are taken aback by the support and dedication from the community,” Strecker added. Several artist groups and individuals have raised money so Stage Crafters can purchase the land and update its campus facilities.

Menu of Events

As a part of A Day for the Arts, Stage Crafters representatives will be on hand with information about auditions and upcoming performances. A “Shrek” theme highlights the day and promotes an upcoming performance of “Shrek the Musical.”

In addition, A Day for the Arts offers craft activities suitable for several age groups; some will be held inside the Artful Things facility, while some will be outside. A small participation fee will be requested for some activities.

In conjunction with the afternoon activities, Artful Things hosts an open house that features its inventory of local arts and crafts, as well as art supplies available for purchase.

Cheesus Food Truck FWB will be located outside, offering its full menu available for purchase. It has pledged a portion of its proceeds to Stage Crafters.

With dessert options for purchase will be veteran-owned That’s James Ice Cream Truck.

“We’re trying to make it about the community,” Campbell said. “That’s Share (Norville’s) mission—about bringing the arts and creativity to people, bringing the community into the gallery and together.

“I hope, if nothing else, that we do raise some awareness for Stage Crafters,” Campbell also said. “It’s an open house for the gallery. I really want to encourage people to learn more about art in the area.”

Artful Things is located at 1087 E. John Sims Parkway. Parking for the event is available at the gallery and behind Cd Williamson Karate and Kickboxing. Event hours run from 2 to 5 p.m. on July 30.

            For information about Artful Things, visit www.facebook.com/Artfulthingsniceville. For information about Stage Crafters, visit www.stagecraftersfwb.com.       

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