Niceville’s Crisis Aid for Littles and Moms (CALM) got the unanimous go-ahead from the Niceville City Council to rezone their property to build 600 square foot bungalow homes on their land near the intersection of Redwood and John Sims Parkway.

CALM needed the Niceville Council’s approval because they wanted to change their zoning from a civic designation to planned use development, more commonly known as a PUD. This change allows them to build the homes once a development order is issued and does not require them to have increased fire safety equipment, like fire sprinklers, which would be required under their current designation.

Once constructed, the 20×30 Homes would serve as housing for women in the CALM program, which lasts less than a year.

The housing project would, all told, consist of nine such homes in at least two phases. Project Engineer for the plan, Matt Zinke of Jenkins Engineering, said CALM would build three or four of the buildings initially, knock down their older buildings, and then build the rest of the buildings.

The proposal would look to “give families some privacy while working to get back on their feet as opposed to a group residence,” Zinke said. Currently CALM operates dormitory-style residences for the families.

The plan would save one brick structure, which would stay in service as a meeting and training area for the women in the program.

Can the CALM Homes Sell Individually?

Because these homes are smaller and share a group of 19 parking spaces in one area, Councilman Sal Nodjomian said he was concerned about the future splitting of the parcel by a future buyer.

In order to end any fears the homes would be sold separately, the council ensured the parcel was required to be sold as common property through zoning regulations.

History of CALM

CALM Describes itself as a group of “Warrior Men and Women who want to teach, love, and pour into those who need us most. We all come from different walks of life and we have walked with God to guide us down the path called life. We want to be the hands of feet of Jesus. We are blessed to mentor, teach and support our residents and their children so they can grow to be warrior moms themselves.

The C.A.L.M Organization is a 501(c)3 that offers transitional housing and life-skills training to mothers and their children in crisis situations.

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