4,000 calls – Chief Popwell gives an update on crime in Niceville.

Chief David Popwell gave his monthly crime stats update to the Niceville Florida City Council on Tuesday night.
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Chief David Popwell, Niceville Police Department

According to the chief, there were 4,000 calls to Niceville Police in the month of February. That was up from January, when Niceville PD took about 3,300 calls for assistance.

44 car crashes took place in the city limits and involved 85 vehicles. Police estimated more than a quarter milllion dollars worth of damage took place in the crashes.

Misdemeanor and felony arrests were down from January. In February, NPD made 16 misdemeanor arrests, six felony arrests and no DUI arrests – compated to 21 misdemeanor arrests and 16 felony arrests in January.

Chief Popwell noted that a tractor-trailer rollover on SR-85 accounted for an outsized portion of the damages costs for the month.

Finally, no DUI arrests were made in the month of February.

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