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Paul Mixon

(R) | Crestview
Incumbent Commissioner, Pastor, Former Sheriff's Deputy

More About Paul Mixon

Paul Mixon was born in the south end of Okaloosa County, in Fort Walton Beach, but now serves as the lead pastor of Central Baptist Church in Crestview. 

As a first career, Mixon served as an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy for a decade and earned a life-saving medal while on the job. His website also notes that he graduated from a Homeland Security training program while at the sheriff’s office. 

After a career in law enforcement, Mixon decided to attend the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in, you guessed it, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Mixon will complete his first term in office in November of 2024. He was first elected in 2020 when he defeated former (not incumbent) commissioner and former Crestview Chamber of Commerce President Wayne Harris and James Walker soundly after a gritty campaign with a little mud slung around. Mixon did end up winning every precinct and a majority of the voters, despite it being a three candidate race. 

📫 PO Box 1427 Crestview, Florida 32536

📲 850.362.8846

📧 votepaulmixon@gmail.com


US Congress

  • Matt Gaetz


State Offices

  • Don Gaetz, Retired Senate President and Triumph Gulf Coast Chairman 

County Offices

• Larry Ashley, Okaloosa County Sheriff 

• Larry Gilbert, Retired Okaloosa County Sheriff 

• Graham Fountain, Former Okaloosa County Commissioner

• Carolyn Ketchel, Okaloosa County Commissioner 

• John Jannazo, Former Okaloosa County Commissioner

• J.D. Peacock, Clerk of Court and Comptroller 

• Ben Anderson, Okaloosa Tax Collector 

• Mack Busbee, Okaloosa Property Appraiser 

• Pat Hollarn, Retired Supervisor of Elections 

• Don Howard, Retired Clerk of Court 

• Colonel Howard Hill, USAF/ POW & Retired School Board Member

• Dr. Lamar White, Okaloosa County School Board Member 

• Linda Evanchyk, Okaloosa County School Board Member 

• Alexis Tibbetts, Retired Superintendent of Schools 


City Elected Officials

• Gary Jarvis, Mayor of Destin 

• Brent Smith, Mayor of Valparaiso 

• John Meade, Former Ft. Walton Beach Councilman 

• J.B. Whidden, Mayor of Crestview 

• Jerry Milligan, Retired Mayor of Crestview 

• David Cadle, Retired Mayor of Crestview 

• Joe Blocker, Crestview City Council 

• Andrew Rencich, Crestview City Council 

• Shannon Hayes, Crestview City Council • 


• Lt. General Gordon Fornell, USAF (Ret) 

• Lt. General Mike Wooley, USAF (Ret) 

• Major General Richard Secord, USAF Spec Ops (Ret) 

• Brigadier General Robert Buhrow, USAF (Ret) 


Industry and Business

• Dr. Paul Hsu, President Trump Appointee & Chairman of Hsu Foundation 


Fire Control Districts

• Mike Buckingham, Destin Fire District Commissioner 

• Chandler Huff, North Bay Fire District Commissioner

Unelected Officials

• Chip Cook, Okaloosa County Aviation Board 

• Don Harrington, Okaloosa County Aviation Board 


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