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De'Carlo Garcia

(R) | Crestview
Veteran, Actor, Contractor

More About De'Carlo Garcia

Background: De’Carlo Garcia, originally from Lufkin, Texas, has been a resident of Okaloosa County for 26 years. After a childhood marked by frequent relocations, he joined the United States Air Force on his 18th birthday. His military service instilled in him a deep sense of purpose and commitment to public service.

Professional Experience: Garcia has worked as a military contractor specializing in radar systems at Eglin Air Force Base for over 17 years. His extensive experience in this role has given him a strong connection to the military community in Okaloosa County.

Community Involvement: Garcia is deeply involved in local community initiatives. He serves as the vice president of We Rain Sickle Cell Corporation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for individuals with sickle cell disease. Additionally, he is the chairman of the Citizens Advisory Council for Crestview, where he actively engages with community members to address local issues.

Campaign Goals: Garcia’s platform focuses on several key issues:

  1. Affordable Housing and Veteran Support: Having experienced homelessness himself, Garcia is committed to ensuring that veterans and low-income residents have access to affordable housing and essential services. He supports initiatives that place affordable housing in accessible areas, integrating them within existing communities rather than on the outskirts.
  2. Controlled Growth and Infrastructure: Garcia advocates for controlled expansion, emphasizing the need to build upwards within developed areas rather than encroaching on agricultural land. He believes in reinforcing existing infrastructure to support growth sustainably.
  3. Economic Diversification: To reduce the county’s reliance on military and tourism sectors, Garcia proposes fostering industries such as film and technology. He aims to create jobs that match the skills of local residents, ensuring economic stability even if military presence diminishes.
  4. Youth Retention and Engagement: Garcia highlights the importance of providing activities and opportunities for young people to reduce crime and retain local talent. He supports enhancing educational programs and compensating teachers well to maintain high educational standards.
  5. Community Services and Low Taxes: Balancing the need for high-quality public services with a low-tax philosophy, Garcia aims to use tax revenues efficiently. He is open to reallocating surpluses to avoid increasing taxes while ensuring essential services are maintained.

Vision for Okaloosa County: Garcia envisions a county where all citizens, particularly veterans and low-income individuals, receive the support they need. He aims to create a community that values controlled growth, economic diversification, and youth engagement. His grassroots approach emphasizes listening to and working with all community members to address their concerns and improve their quality of life.

Election Information: De’Carlo Garcia is running for Okaloosa County Commissioner District 1. The election is on August 20, and residents have until 30 days before the election to register to vote.

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