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These Two Men Want to Be Okaloosa County Sheriff. Whom Should You Pick?

Okaloosa Sheriff Eric Aden

Eric Aden

Sheriff (Incumbent)
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Ron Livingston

Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant
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The Okaloosa County sheriff manages a wide range of responsibilities over the 1,000 square miles of Okaloosa County. These responsibilities include:

  1. Law Enforcement: Enforcing state and local laws, investigating crimes, apprehending suspects, and maintaining public order.
  2. Court Security: Providing security for county courthouses, ensuring the safety of judges, jurors, and other court personnel, and managing the transportation of inmates to and from court.
  3. Civil Process: Serving legal documents such as subpoenas, eviction notices, and court orders, and enforcing court judgments.
  4. Emergency Response: Responding to emergencies and natural disasters, coordinating with other agencies for disaster relief and recovery, and ensuring public safety during such events.
  5. Community Policing: Engaging with the community through outreach programs, crime prevention initiatives, and educational efforts to build trust and cooperation between law enforcement and residents.
  6. Special Units: Overseeing specialized units such as SWAT, K-9 units, marine patrols, and narcotics divisions to handle specific types of criminal activity and public safety challenges.
  7. Budget and Administration: Managing the sheriff’s office budget, personnel, equipment, and resources to ensure effective and efficient operations.
  8. Public Relations: Communicating with the public and media about law enforcement activities, crime trends, and public safety issues, and promoting transparency and accountability.
  9. Training and Standards: Ensuring that deputies and staff receive proper training and adhere to professional standards and best practices in law enforcement.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff is elected on a four year term that ends in 2024.

Incumbent Commissioner Mel Ponder

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