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General Overview of Eglin Elementary School

Eglin Air Force Base hosts Eglin Elementary School, an Okaloosa County School District School for children K-4 on the western portion of Eglin Air Force Base. 

The school has about 450 students spread throughout the five grades offered at the school and has maintained an A rating from the Florida Department of Education since 2014. 

Eglin Elementary boasts two military family life counselors in residence on the base and a student-to-teacher ratio slightly below 16:1.

The School’s motto is “Serving those who serve U.S.”. 

While the lion’s share of students who attend Eglin Elementary live on Eglin Air Force Base; 16% of students go to Eglin Elementary on waivers because they are districted to go to school somewhere else in the county. 

A total of 12% of students are in Exceptional Student Education classes at the school. 

Those students from Eglin Air Force Base who matriculate from 4th grade go on to the Lewis School until 8th grade and then go on to Niceville High School.

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More About Eglin Air Force Base

The land Eglin Air Force Base sits on was donated by northwest Florida businessman and aviation enthusiast James Plew in the 1930s.

The US Army Air Corps created a gunnery training range soon afterwards and began to host pilots and aircrew on the base. 

After the end of World War II, the site became home to more and more complex testing of airplanes and other critical weapons systems as the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union heated up. 

The base now boasts up to 8,500 active duty personnel and thousands of civilians and contractors who support the various tests and missions on base. 

Principal Laurren Seegars
Principal since 2021

200 Gaffney Road Eglin AFB, FL 32542

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