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Tattoos and RV Sales on Facebook – The State of Okaloosa’s Local Economy

The local economy in southern Okaloosa County, supported by a stable defense industry and fluctuating tourism, shows mixed signs of recovery. United Fidelity Bank’s Ed Burns highlights unique economic indicators such as the sluggish sales of RVs, boats, and golf clubs, empty sports bars, and a decline in tattoo business, pointing to cautious consumer spending and underlying financial hesitations. Despite these trends, the local market remains optimistic, with signs of future growth as businesses and properties change hands.

Eglin General Fires Group Commander. This Is Who Will Replace Him:

Colonel Jeremiah Hammill has been removed from his position as commander of Eglin’s 96th Test Wing Civil Engineer Group due to a “loss of confidence to lead and maintain good order and discipline,” as announced by Eglin Public Affairs. Brig. Gen. Mark Massaro emphasized the importance of taking care of the unit’s personnel in his decision. Colonel Michelle Sterling will replace Hammill, with a formal assumption of command ceremony taking place this week.

ALICE In Wonderland: The Hidden Struggle for Survival in Niceville

Luis Torres, a Niceville Walmart employee and father, embodies the struggles of the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) population, facing challenges with childcare and housing. High childcare costs and restrictive housing options push many working-class families like his to the brink of financial instability. Local leaders, including City Manager David Deitch, are exploring solutions to alleviate these burdens, such as increasing affordable housing inventory and advocating for policy changes to support these families.

350th Spectrum Warfare Wing Welcomes New Commander

The 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing celebrated the arrival of its new commander during a change of command ceremony on July 9. Col. Josh Koslov, who has led the wing since 2022, handed over command to Col. Larry Fenner Jr. The ceremony was presided over by Maj. Gen. Case Cunningham highlighted the strategic importance of the wing in high-end warfighting. Under Koslov’s leadership, the wing saw significant developments, including the formation of new units and the execution of its first internal exercise, Rapid Raven 24-1. With extensive experience in electronic warfare, Col. Fenner is set to lead the wing to new heights.

Eglin Air Force Base Welcomes New Commander

Eglin Air Force Base welcomed its new commander, Brigadier General Mark A. Massaro, in a ceremony held at the Eglin Climatic Hangar. Amidst dignitaries and airmen, Brigadier General Jeffrey Geraghty was relieved of his duties and will move on to serve at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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