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A 36-year-old Niceville Man is out on a $100,000 bond after Niceville Police say he sexually assaulted another man instead of taking him to meet his manager for an interview about a job at a car dealership.

Koray Avci was arrested and charged with committing sexual battery on a person over 18 after police say Avci took the man to his home on Florida Avenue in Niceville.

The incident began on September 5 at a diagnostic facility in Fort Walton Beach, when Avci allegedly met the victim and promised him that he would help him get a job at a local car dealership. When the two met, the victim said he was there for a drug test for other employment.

The two men exchanged phone numbers. As the victim left the diagnostic lab, Avci flagged him down. The victim said that is when Avci told him he could bring him to the car dealership to meet the manager.

According to the victim, he got into Avci’s 2022 silver Toyota Prius. Instead of going to the dealers, the victim says Avci drove the car to Avci’s home in Niceville, where the alleged sexual battery occurred.

a man's mugshot
Korey Avci was arrested and charged with sexual assault by the Niceville Police Department.

Retracing Steps

The victim says he did not know where Avci had taken him and did not know Avci’s identity. The warrant affidavit, written by Niceville Police Officer Stephen Usry, notes that “the Victim continued to try to communicate with the defendant to get more information to provide to law enforcement since he did not know the defendant and could not remember the street address of where he was taken.”

Police also downloaded the contents of the victim’s phone with the help of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, according to the arrest affidavit.

Officer Usry’s sworn statements say law enforcement eventually identified Avci. However, much of the arrest affidavit (which you can see here) was blacked out for privacy purposes, which is allowable in sexual assault cases under Florida Law.

Arresting Avci

On September 13, Officer Stephen Usry traveled to Fort Walton Beach to the car dealership where Avci works to speak with him about the incident. Usry notes he said to Avci, informed him about the warrant he had to search Avci’s home, and asked Avci to travel back to Niceville to open the house to law enforcement so they wouldn’t have to damage his property.

Once there, the officer found condoms, lubricant, and a towel that he took into evidence and pictures of where the evidence was located when he entered the home.

Usry says he then read Avci his Miranda Rights and asked Avci to answer questions. Avci agreed.

Avci told the officer, according to the report, he met the alleged victim at the Diagnostic Testing Lab in Fort Walton Beach on September 5 and the pair did have a conversation that entailed the two men’s sexuality and the potential for Avci to help the alleged victim get at job at the car dealership where he worked.

According to the affidavit, the alleged victim went to Avci’s home willingly, and left his car behind because he did not have “a lot of gas and money.”

Several lines of the affidavit are blacked out after that, and the narrative resumes when the defendant, in his own words, says he and the victim rode back to Fort Walton Beach together, and the two went their separate ways.

On October 3, Officer Usry asked Avci to visit the Niceville Police Station on Partin Drive for a follow-up interview about what Usry had learned during his investigation.

According to the Affidavit, Avci said he would meet Officer Usry at the station at 0900 but failed to show up to the appointment. Avci allegedly contacted Usry later and told him he had hired a lawyer.

Officer Usry then contacted Avci’s lawyer and informed him that law enforcement planned to conduct a voice-stress analyzer with Avci’s permission.

The lawyer then allegedly told Usry Avci had hired him because “he had never been through an investigation like this before.”

Usry then told the lawyer that the statement was untrue. Officer Usry said in his affidavit that he had found two other incidents where Avci had been investigated for sexual assault and battery.

Avci was booked into the Okaloosa County jail on October 11 and was released on bond on October 14.

Judge Terrence Ketchel will preside over the case. A notice of retail supervision has been handed down as of October 18.

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